Curriculum Director Form EXSU 622

EXSU 622 SURGERY Research Project (12 credits) - Form Part 2



EXSU 622 will run over two semesters with a minimum of 18 hours/week to be spent in the lab, research facility or library. The project and advisor must be approved by the curriculum director. A department-based co-advisor is required in cases where the primary advisor has a primary affiliation outside of the department (e.g., an associate member of surgery).

The student will, together with an advisor, choose a research objective and design or contribute to a project in an area of interest to them and their advisor that will help them build their knowledge and experience conducting research. An advisor with expertise and the human and material resources to supervise the proposed project must be assigned to each project. The advisor will be responsible for the overall supervision of the project.

The student will build one or more research skills in the context of their project (e.g., collect data, participate in data analyses, conduct a systematic review) to support one or more of the following research competencies: to learn and apply new knowledge and skills; to analyze information and explore ideas in their research area; to develop specific skills to evaluate their research; to develop critical and creative thinking.

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