Congratulations to Haitham Shoman for CIHR award!

Published: 16Dec2022

The department would like to extend our congratulations to Haitham Shoman for being awarded the CIHR - Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement to travel to Harvard University in Boston as part of...

Coronavirus Update – December 17, 2021

Published: 15Dec2021

To all Members of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences,...

Congratulations to MedStar Awardees 2021

Published: 16Nov2021

Congratulations to MedStar Awardees 2021:...

Winter 2022 - Interesting course offerings

Published: 23Nov2021

FMED 504 - Family Medicine Research Seminars <-- *NEW​*...

Concours d'affiche - Unité de soutien SSA Québec - À partager SVP

Published: 19Nov2021

L’Unité de soutien au système de santé apprenant (SSA) Québec tiendra le symposium virtuel « Bâtir ensemble le système de santé apprenant du Québec », le 24 mars 2022. Cet événement unique ralliera...

Research Day Winners

Published: 9Jun2021

Congratulations to the 2021 IRR & Experimental Surgery Research Day Winners!...


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