If I am exempt from a course, does that mean I am exempt from the credit requirement?

No. If you are exempt from a specific course, please be aware that you will still have to register for a different course with the same credit weight. The credit requirements of a program cannot be altered.


As a Non-Thesis student, is the EXSU 622 D1, D2 project a requirement?

Yes. It is mandatory for Non-Thesis students to complete the EXSU 622 project, furthermore we encourage students to complete it in their first year. Please remember that EXSU 622 is taken over two semesters (D1, D2).


As a Non-Thesis student, can I register for the EXSU 623 project before the EXSU 622 project?

No. Going forward, we want our student to first complete the EXSU 622 project and then go on to complete the EXSU 623 project if they wish to do so.


What is an “ideal” academic background for an Experimental Surgery candidate?

Ideal backgrounds depend on which concentration a potential student is interested in. We encourage you to contact our administration for more information.


What is the difference between Experimental Medicine and Experimental surgery?

One is administered by the department of surgery and the other by the department of medicine.


Is it mandatory for Thesis students to secure a supervisor?

Yes. It is required that Thesis students secure a supervisor prior to applying to our program.


Do students have to have a project ready to propose before approaching a potential supervisor? Or is it entirely up to the supervisor to assign a project to the student?

It depends on the supervisor as some already have a project in mind. Often students approach supervisors and have to produce their own project.


What is the minimum GPA required for the program? Are recommendation letters necessary?

A GPA of 3.2 is standard minimum for the Experimental Surgery program, however please contact our administration as special considerations may be made for certain circumstances.


Life after graduating Experimental Surgery - what awaits out there? More focus on clinical work? Working strictly in health / hospital environment?

It depends on your undergraduate background and your interests. Some students go on to do medical training, academia, private industry etc. It is dependent on which concentration and whether you complete a Masters or PhD.


What types of concentrations does Experimental Surgery have?

Non-Thesis, Core, Global Surgery, Surgical Education, Surgical Innovation, Digital Health Innovation. Please visit the “Apply” tab of our website for more details.


What are the tuition fee for a domestic student?

For information on tuition fees, please click the following link: https://www.mcgill.ca/student-accounts/tuition-fees/general-tuition-and-fees-information/fees-residency


How do I contact the Program Director to sign the letter of understanding between myself and my supervisor?

Please send an email to Gradstudies.surgery [at] mcgill.ca.


Is it possible for me to enroll in the Non-Thesis program to get to know more about ongoing activities in the field, and then switch to a Thesis stream later?

Students can may switch from the Non-Thesis program to the Thesis program, provided they find a supervisor.


I completed my Master’s degree and graduated, can I re-use 15 of these credits for my PhD?

This is known as “double dipping” and is NOT allowed.


If I backtrack to a Master’s degree from PhD, will it be possible to re-apply again to the same PhD program?

No, this is not allowed however you have the option of applying to another PhD program in a different program/department. For more information click here.


Can a student fast track from a Master’s Non-Thesis to a PhD?

No, a student can only fast track from Master’s Thesis to a PhD.


Can a student change from the Diploma program to the Master’s Thesis stream without completing the diploma?

Yes, it is up to the GPD to approve. Once approved, eligible credits will be transferred to their Master’s program.


How would a student qualify for advance standing when changing from the Diploma program to the Master’s Thesis stream?

When the student has completed 15 credits, they are eligible for advanced standing. Advanced standing status is determined and approved by Admissions and Records. However, advanced standing is not mandatory.


Can courses from School of Continuing Studies be counted towards their Master’s Thesis?

No, courses from the School of Continuing Studies may not be taken for coursework credits toward Master’s Thesis program.


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