Submitting homepage content

A new approach to selecting and preparing content

Content will appear on the homepage will be:

  • Topics of interest to prospective students and potential members of the McGill community forming a first impression of the McGill brand
  • Individuals and their work, rather than on events or announcements
  • High-quality photography of the person featured
  • Links to other relevant resources for prospective students (e.g. the program featured, admissions info)
  • Linked content in the “Top Stories” area, determined based on high-profile news and events
  • Live in “Channels” (may be linked to original source)
  • Be optimized for web viewing and the homepage format

(More in-depth content creation guidelines and examples will be shared shortly.)

The Editorial mechanism can help!

The Editorial Mechanism will be happy to tweak existing content if necessary (e.g. UA, faculty stories), including:

  • Adding links
  • Editing to emphasize student angle
  • Shortening or otherwise optimize for web

If your news or event meets the criteria listed above, please submit your item directly to the Homepage.Communications [at] (Editorial Mechanism).

Have a suggestion for content or a theme?

  • Suggestions will be evaluated based on the criteria outline above
  • In the future, Communications Huddle will be a forum for the Editorial Mechanism to share upcoming themes and solicit submissions

Please submit your suggestions via Homepage.Communications [at] (email).

Where else can you share events and stories?

Alternatively, events and story ideas aimed at internal audiences can be submitted to

The McGill Reporter
neale.mcdevitt [at] (Submit a request)

What's New for Staff*, published Tuesday and Thursday.
 Submission deadline: Monday at 11:30 a.m. (for Tuesday newsletter), Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. (for Thursday newsletter)
neale.mcdevitt [at] (Submit a request)

What's New for Students*, published Sunday.
Submission deadline: Wednesday at noon
maria.naso [at] (Submit a request)

(*Note: What’s New items at included at the editor’s discretion, and may be edited for conciseness or clarity.)

McGill Channels

Faculty- or unit-specific newsletters
For information about setting up a newsletter, contact web.communications [at] (Digital communications)

Social Media

Online advertising

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