Next steps

Here's what we're working on now:

Launch Prep

We want the site to feel complete and polished, but we can’t fit everything into our initial launch – hence our ‘MVP’. (On the next slide, we’ll talk about what will happen post-launch.)

Making sure we have great content to respond to user needs and help answer questions in our testing plan.

We recently reached out to all site administrators responsible for pages and sites linked from the homepage. Many thanks for taking the time to review and update your content before February 8, 2019. In some cases, we know there’s more work to be done – evaluating those projects is part of the post-launch plan.

Translation is a must. There will be a complete French version of the homepage. As mentioned earlier, we hope to provide a courtesy message to indicate where French content is unavailable.

EMS functionality is essential, and we want to maintain it. We won’t touch the styling for now, but we plan to bring it in line with the site so that it feels more official.

We've got a whole list of interesting features that we want to deliver but couldn't fit in for the initial launch. So we're concentrating on making sure the first version of the homepage positions us for those post-launch improvements:

  • The vendor-built search application hit an unexpected snag and won’t be ready in time for the homepage launch. In the meantime, the new homepage will use the existing search feature – but not for too much longer!
  • Those additional improvements to important resources, workflows, and sites off the homepage? We’re planning a holistic approach as part of our “site enhancements” project.
  • Our rebranding and campaign identity should arrive soon. It looks like the rebranding will concentrate on the aesthetic, rather than the layout or feature set of the homepage. We want to use this occasion to build a complete set of design standards and elements that can be used to create consistency across sites and applications.
  • We have a tremendously detailed inventory of our user testing observations, head-scratchers, various questions, suggestions, and musings. For each, we tried to identify a post-launch follow-up action to help us spot any opportunities to make the homepage better. Once the homepage is live and we’ve collected sufficient data, we’ll be able to evaluate and act on those opportunities.
  • As the Editorial Mechanism gets into gear, they’ll probably have some ideas about how the homepage can do a better job of telling our story. For example, they’ve already suggested a longer character limit for keyword sets in the “Top Stories” area.
  • The homepage project showed us that we need a better way to promote and distribute news and events. Once the homepage enters the optimization stage, we can begin exploring how to meet that need.

Help us improve!

We encourage all members of the McGill community to get acquainted with the new homepage in its staging format.
Let us know how you've felt about our process by completing our brief poll.
Your comments and feedback are welcome!


Once that's done:


We'll see you again soon!

Please check back soon for updates to our presentation calendar.

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