Mobile Mock-ups (revised)

Primary Revisions: Homepage

After testing and collecting feedback on our first mobile-format prototype, we made the following revisions (full descriptions of updates below):

  • Improvement of the "McGill" branding feature
  • Updated overlay style for hero images​
  • Improved spacing around elements​
  • Updated typography treatment (improved legibility, hierarchy)​
  • Updated language and additional labels for certain elements​
  • Improved button styling and positioning​
  • Improved grouping of links/buttons​


Primary Revisions: Menus

  • Updated main menu section names​
  • Updated main menu section content based on user testing and analytics​
  • Consolidated staff-oriented links on the main page; moved all recruitment-oriented links to menu​
  • Removed “future students” footer menu section (duplicate)​
  • Updated footer menu names and content​
  • Improved organization and hierarchy of other footer links

Curious to know more? Check out our user testing and community feedback documentation for the complete rundown of:

  • The observations, questions, and feedback from our user testing
  • Our internal discussions of the mockups and user testing results
  • The aesthetic and branding feedback from McGill's internal design and usability experts
  • The revisions made to the mockups as a result of all that feedback
  • The post-launch follow-up actions related to the feedback.

Also note that a spreadsheet of menu links and destinations will be made available on this website shortly.

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