Homepage development

Development of the homepage continues to progress, but it’s worth noting that past WMS development has been leveraged to support the new homepage. That being said, new functionality and features developed for the 2019 homepage will have the opportunity to benefit the rest of the WMS community in future work.

WMS homepage enhancements

After the launch of the homepage we will prioritize the release of new features for the WMS community.

Investigation & development:

Some of the popular new features include:

  • Page layout templates: The homepage is exploring a new way to build and layout pages more efficiently.
  • Photo-focus: In an effort to ensure that content transitions seamlessly between desktop and mobile, the photo-focus feature will allow you to select a focal point on an image uploaded to the desktop version of your site, to better define the crop in the mobile layout.
  • Search: We are currently replacing the search engine with Fusion, a new site search solution. We are working with external vendor who is testing its functionality across our site's content, testing indexing and flagging any potential issues.
  • Headers and footers: We are in the process of accessing the standard header and footer layouts that will be applied to all pages within the WMS. Headers and footers are complex as some faculties/programs/units have different requirements for their headers and footers compared others. Further, we have recently generated new features for footers, like the ability to add logos. It will therefore take time to construct a layout that will accommodate these different requirements. We want to take the time to test the impact of these changes and provide a solution that works for everyone.


IT is big fan of incremental deployments (i.e. rolling out one new/improved feature at a time). This deployment strategy decreases risk, and allows us to better manage the impact of these new features on site managers and visitors to the site.

We are excited about these new developments, and will keep you informed as we progress.

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