Full-width Mockups

The full-width version of the McGill.ca homepage is an extension of the mobile version: We have more room, so the features can be bigger or more nuanced, but are essentially the same. No one should struggle to find what they want when transitioning between formats. It offers:

  • An expanded view of McGill Stories (3 blocks across) help users find and compare content that might be relevant for them.
  • Placement of the call-to-action block (bottom left of page) and recruitment buttons is probably the biggest functional difference between mobile and desktop. They've been positioned toward the end of the page, above the footer because full-width users are slightly less task-oriented, and more likely to explore the page. Since it’s a short page, these items will still be visible and the stylistic contrast with other elements lower on the page makes them stand out more (they’re not competing with the hero, for example).
  • Audience links above the footer (Current Students, Faculty & Staff and Alumni) are expanded.
  • The main menu's basic design follows expectations and remains consistent with mobile structure

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