Production Phase

The Production Phase is where we execute the work defined in the previous phases–in Discovery, we identified goals and opportunities; in Design Planning and User Testing, we created and tested a design to serve those goals and opportunities. In this phase, we narrow our focus to the tasks necessary for the initial homepage launch:

  • Design of launch-ready (high-fidelity) mockups for mobile and wider screens (based on user testing results and internal consultations)
  • Validation of site accessibility
  • Creation of launch-ready content (including translations)
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    Development of new homepage content type, adaptation of existing WMS features, and development of new features to support the site design
  • Optimization of sites and pages linking off the homepage

During this phase, we can also provide more definitive information on menu structure, homepage governance, content strategy, and eventual (design and feature) updates to the rest of the WMS.

As we progress through this phase, we’re trying to limit distractions and focus on delivering the site as planned. To do this, we’re working closely with the development team to prioritize features central to the user experience (ex. search), identify features that can be implemented post-launch without any additional testing (ex. “about this image” information for the branding hero) and–most importantly–list post-launch testing and follow up actions.

In combination with the revised branding assets, these will help us plan and execute an optimized version of the homepage in the early summer of 2019.

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