Homepage mission

One of the most important parts of defining the project brief and direction is identifying the mission that the homepage needs to accomplish. We took great care in crafting the mission to make sure that it is realistic, targeted and user-centric. We can't change what users need, want, and think when they decide to come to McGill.ca, but if we meet their needs, we have the opportunity to provide a rich and positive experience that supports our overarching communications strategy. 

Our mission is to support the needs of our users, the communications goals of the University as a whole, and to use the space to best advantage. In concrete terms:

  • The McGill.ca homepage must communicate our brand, values, research strengths and impacts to audiences that may know nothing about us.
  • As an entry point into McGill's web environment, it should encourage any visitor to find and engage with the McGill content most relevant for their needs.
  • Its design should support recruitment objectives by orienting prospective members of the McGill community and helping them imagine whether McGill would be a good fit.
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