Pilot Project: the McGill.ca Homepage

Redesigning the McGill.ca homepage is our first collaborative project, a combined initiative with IT's Web Services Group and central Communications and External Relations' Digital Communications. Our goal with this project is to understand how the homepage is used, and by whom; and to redesign it to align with user expectations and with our current brand.

(Note that our preliminary research indicated that the Faculty & Staff and Student homepages were rarely used; developing an improved 'homepage' resource for these audiences could be the subject of a future project. In fact, we identified a number of different areas of need that could be served by future projects - stay tuned!)

Project Structure

This project will be completed in four main phases, as outlined below. The overall structure of the project is designed to begin with a broad perspective. We start by collecting, reviewing and discussing as much data as we can to help us define the project's mission and scope. As we progress through the phases, we refine the findings from each preceding phase. Each phase depends on the outcome of the phase before, and we become progressively more focused in our approach and in the feedback we solicit from the community.

You can read more about the different phases and activities in the menu at left. We are currently in the Production phase. 

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