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The new brand


McGill platforms embody this value in clear, confident interfaces which celebrate the courageous, self-driven and resilient people that make up our community


Our essential optimism comes through in inspiring content and uplifting (but not clichéd or cutesy) design choices.


McGill is a diverse, vibrant and eclectic place. Draw these different experiences together while celebrating their uniqueness.

Past, present, future

By treating our past, present, and future as equally important and relevant moments in our narrative of the McGill experience, we can reinforce a sense of continuity and enduring quality.

Hero image/Hero video

  • McGill typefaces and more impactful use of typography
  • More flexible brand statement area
  • Ability to use photo or video


  • Editorial aesthetic (more whitespace = easier content scaling!)
  • Image treatment (photo filters, square format, whitespace)
  • Human focus
  • Restricted color palette
  • MADE stories section (no more click-through carousel)
  • Primary CTA at top
  • Custom secondary CTA with more emphasis and flexibility


  • Improved News format and placement

Quick links

  • Cleaner full width audience links


  • Neater, more digestible footer
  • Footer divided into sections of task users can accomplish

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