So you have identified a business need that you wish to address and not sure what to do next.

Below is the process involved in submitting a business need to the Project and Change Management team:

1) Completion of the business need:

A business need document must be completed by the unit requesting the change (template attached). The purpose of this document is to describe briefly a need as a Business Opportunity or a Business Process Improvement by defining the current situation and the change required that will help improve your operations. Please ensure that an expected date is indicated in the document. Please contact the Project and Change Management team if you require any assistance in this step.

2) Submission of the business need to Enrolment Services:

Once the business need is completed, please email it to [at] where it will be reviewed by a member of the Project and Change Management team. A member of the team will contact you if any clarification is required or if something is missing.

3) Submission of the business need to IT:

Once the business need is reviewed and finalised by the ES PCM team, the business need will be submitted to IT for their review.

4) Prioritization of business needs:

Note that business needs are prioritized by ES leadership team based on the following prioritization criteria 3-4 times a year.

  • Academic Decisions (Senate Committees); Legislated Change = Mandatory
  • End-of-Life = Mandatory
  • Strategic Alignment (TFSLL/DECE/ASAP/ SEM/Enterprise Architecture Strategy)
  • Number of Students; Applicants; Prospects; Alumni Affected (Improved service)
  • Better Use of Services/SRI/Revenue Generation/Sustainability/Change Management
  • McGill Reputation/PR/Academic Decisions
  • Number of Units Involved (Convergence) = Number of requesters; Business Domains

5) Creation of the User Acceptance Test (UAT) plan:

Once IT has worked on the business need, a user acceptance test plan (template attached) is required. This test plan indicates how you intend to test the changes before moving them to production. The test plan should be sent to the IT Analyst working on the business need with a cc to the ESPCM office ( [at] so we can monitor the progress of the business need.

6) UAT testing and Sign-off:

Once the change requested is moved to QA by IT, the user will be informed that they can start testing. Please note that IT moves items to production every Wednesday from 4 – 6 pm so sign off from the user is required by Tuesday at 5 p.m. If sign-off is received after Tuesday at 5 pm, the change is moved to production the following week.

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