Mental Health Services

AMI Quebec (Action on Mental Illness)

Services for family, friends and caregivers of people navigating mental illness. Short-term counselling & support groups, coping skills training, education for families, on-site support for caregivers of loved ones admitted to the ER of the Douglas Hospital.  No specific sensitivity training, but the staff are very familiar with LGBTQ folks.

alexandria.dipalolo [at] (Alexandra Di Paolo, M.S.W.)

Queer and trans positive, alternative-relationship-structures positive.  Wheelchair accessible.

Alison Carpenter (Private Psycho-therapist)

Queer and trans positive, between 30-40% of clients are trans, and many queer folks, sex-worker + and polyamoury +. Coverage by some benefit plans, including Concordia’s health plan under naturopathy. Not wheelchair accessible, but willing to negotiate seeing someone at another location. Can access services without address, ID, healthcare card etc. Gender neutral bathrooms.

Argyle Institute

Non-profit organization with a large team of therapists who provide counselling at sliding scale rates for individuals, couples, families and groups dealing with a variety of life circumstances and mental health issues. 2 specialized teams – one made up of LGBT identified/friendly therapists (PRIDE Team) and another that specializes in anorexia and bulimia (Eating Disorder Team).  Wheelchair accessible, though bathrooms have limited accessibility. Gendered bathrooms.

Chez Pops Day Centre

Free, non-judgemental services for street-involved youth aged 12-25, including counselling, education, mentorship, employment help and family services.

Clinique medicale l'alternative

Offers gynaecology exams, contraceptives, STD information, testing, and treatment (including rapid HIV testing), and abortions days and evenings. Appointments are recommended, but not necessary in emergency cases.  Not wheelchair accessible.

Concordia Counselling and Development

Available to Concordia students only with valid student ID and who are registered in classes. Services not available to those without a fixed address or valid healthcare card. Wheelchair accessible. Limited number of sessions over the course of a student’s degree. Some sensitivity training to LGBTQ issues and somewhat trans positive.

Dale Robinson Concordia Counselling & Private Practice

Experience with anxiety, relationships (sometimes takes couples), young adults, depression, symptom reduction and understanding causes.  Queer +, Trans +, BDSM +, has worked with many queer people and transitioning people. NDG near Vendome metro. Wheelchair accessible, but her office is very small, so that could be difficult, 6th floor. Gender neutral washrooms.

 Phone: Concordia: 514 848-2424 ext. 4389 Private: 514 293-0325

DAWN (DisAbled Women's Network)

DAWN-RAFH Canada’s mission is to end the poverty, isolation, discrimination and violence experienced by women with disabilities and Deaf women.

DESTA Black Youth Network

Free services for marginalized youth, aged 18 to 25, primarily from the Black community in the Greater Montreal area. Education, health & personal development, and employment mentorship services, including individual support.

Diane Monodor (Private therapist)

Sex work +, queer +, BDSM+, Survivor+, Experience with trans and multicultural clients. Sliding scale ($60 for students) Located near Fabre/Laurier. Not wheelchair accessible (2 tall sets of stairs). No ID (healthcare, fixed address, etc) needed. Gender neutral washrooms.

Phone: 514-524-3339

Douglas Mental Health Institute/Hospital

Requires a doctor’s referral. Will see anyone of any age or location, even if they lack a healthcare card or a fixed address, etc. Specializes in mental health (everything except autism) including eating disorders, mental illness, mood problems etc. Some buildings are wheelchair accessible and some aren’t.

Hannah [at] (Hannah Harris-Sutro)

Body-based therapy that guides folks to connect with the power and wisdom of their own bodies, using gentle movement, mindfulness and supported hatha yoga postures. Lowtouch or no-touch sessions are always available. Sessions are 75-90 minutes long and include info & resources, if requested. Harm-reductive, anti-oppressive, consent-based, you are the expert on you.

Head and Hands

Services are limited to people 25 and under (but resources & referrals available to people above 25). Other services include legal services, young parents’ program, youth drop-in centre, street workers, counselling, tutoring and more. The organization also has a wide variety of information available on sexuality and sexual health. Queer- and Trans-Friendly. Not wheelchair accessible.

Jason Phelps (Clinical Social Worker/Therapist)

Offers individual counselling, social work, and psychotherapy.  Also offers counselling for couples, parents, and families.  Psychotherapy services are informed by feminist, queer, trans, and other emancipatory movements.  Specializes in sexuality, addiction, abuse and trauma survivors.

L'Actuel Medical Clinic

Full medical clinic, including STD and HIV prevention, treatment, and information. Most services are free with Quebec Health Card, but call ahead to confirm. Medical treatment and psychosocial support available for HIV-positive patients.  Queer- and Trans- Friendly.

McGill Mental Health Services

Available only to full-time McGill students with a valid student ID and valid healthcare cards. Wheelchair accessible, including washrooms. Gender neutral washrooms available. Staff have training in LGBT sensitivity.

Nathalie Cohen (Psychotherapy, conflict mediation, workshops & facilitation)

Works with individuals, couples and families as well as people who have come together for reasons other than traditional family groupings such as friends, alternative family structures, roommates and work colleagues. Client-centred, collaborative, LGBTQ-friendly and anti-oppressive framework. Mostly cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) and emotion-focused therapy (EFT). Works mostly with people coming with difficulties in daily struggles, problems and relational issues rather than those coping with more severe mental health issues. Participation in queer, radical and anarchist communities – comfortable with their wide variety of ways of being, values and relationship styles. Able to write letters required for gender transition.  Sees clients at the Argyle Institute near Atwater metro. Building is wheelchair accessible but bathrooms have limited accessibility and are gender assigned.

Native Friendship Centre of Montreal

Free services for aboriginal youth and adults, including the Inter-Tribal Youth Centre, Day Centre and Street Patrol. Medical, legal and social services, activities, food, listening and support, referrals.

Nicole Marek (Private psychologist/counsellor)

Great interest and knowledge in queer/trans-related issues Not wheelchair accessible. Gender neutral washrooms available. Services available to people without ID.

Projet Suivi Communautaire

Free. Requires a doctor’s referral for consideration for services

Shawna Atkins Psychologist

Focus on eating disorders, self-injury, survivors of abuse and trauma, anxiety, depression, women’s issues. Works from feminist and multicultural perspective. Is available for couples counselling.  Queer/LGBT, and polyamory positive, though it’s not a primary focus of her work. Westmount area, not wheelchair accessible, no gender neutral washroom, no cards/address (health care, state issued ID) needed.  

Yael Glick

Doesn’t do crisis-situation or one-time counselling. No wheelchair access. Very comfortable with trans clients. Healthcare cards are not necessary but an address would be good. Queen Mary close to Snowdon metro.

Land Acknowledgment

Map of Montreal

McGill University is situated on the traditional territory of the Kanien’keha:ka, a place which has long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst nations. We recognize and respect the Kanien’keha:ka as the traditional custodians of the lands and waters on which we meet today.* 

Recognizing the history of where you stand is important, and becoming increasingly common practice when hosting events and activities across Canada.

Here are a few tips to remember if you want to make a land acknowledgment before a class presentation, in a written document, or when hosting an event. 


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