Safer Spaces: Allies on Campus

Staff, faculty and graduate students who have participated in a Safer Spaces workshop on sexual orientation and gender identity are offered the opportunity to become Safer Space Allies at McGill.

Becoming a Safer Spaces Ally makes a statement that you believe that systemic and personal discrimination and harassment on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity is wrong, and that you do not condone homophobia, transphobia or heterosexist actions in work, study, or living space.

Safer Space Allies are people who:

  • Believe that systemic and personal discrimination and harassment on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity is wrong
  • Are willing to be compassionate listeners and support people for LGBTTQ students, staff and faculty who approach them
  • Are aware of where to refer people who come to them seeking resources
  • Are clear of the limitations of the role of an Ally, and in particular understand that being a Safer Spaces Ally does not make them a counselor or therapist

    Safer Space Allies at McGill

    Name Position Department
    daniel.almeida [at] (Daniel Almeida) Masters Student Dept. of Neuroscience
    calli.armstrong [at] (Calli Armstrong) Psychologist Counselling Services
    darin.barney [at] (Darin Barney) Faculty Dept. of Art History and Communications Studies
    eugenio.bolongaro [at] (Eugenio Bolongaro) Faculty Department of Italian Studies
    elise.bonnema [at] (Elise Bonnema) Masters Student Integrated Program in Neuroscience
    shari.brotman [at] (Shari Brotman) Faculty McGill School of Social Work
    andy.catalano [at] (Andy Catalano) Student Affairs Administrator Department of Bioengineering
    MARTHA.CHAMODRAKA [at] MCGILL.CA (Martha Chamodraka) Psychologist Counselling Services
    victor.chisholm [at] (Victor Chisholm) Undergraduate Research Officer Faculty of Science
    marguerite.deslauriers [at] (Marguerite Deslauriers) Faculty Department of Philosophy
    anurag.dhir [at] (Anurag Dhir) Community Engagement Coordinator Social Equity and Diversity Education Office (SEDE)
    waheeda.esmail [at] (Waheeda Esmail) HR Advisor Dept. of Surgery, Anesthesia, and Otolarynogology Head and Neck Surgery
    vanessa.franco [at] (Vanessa Franco) Career Resource Consultant Career Planning Service (CaPS)
    antonella.fratino [at] (Antonella Fratino) Administrative Assistant Department of Bioengineering
    jim.fyles [at] (Jim Fyles)

    Associate Dean (Student Affairs)

    Department of Natural Resource Sciences (Macdonald Campus)

    suzanne.gagnon [at] (Suzanne Gagnon) Faculty Desautels Faculty of Management
    mary.gauthier [at] (Mary Gauthier) Student Advisor/Assistant to the Chief Academic Advisor Faculty of Science

    avik.ghoshdastidar [at] (Jim Avik Ghoshdastidar)

    Ph.D Candidate Department of Chemistry

    marie-lyne.grenier [at] (Marie-Lyne Grenier)

    Faculty Lecturer and Associate Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education (OT)

    School of Physical and Occupational Therapy

    kathleen.gudmundsson [at] (Kathleen Gudmundsson) Secretary Office for Students With Disabilities
    alastair.hibberd [at] (Alastair Hibberd) Graduate Education Assistant SKILLSETS at Teaching and Learning Services
    miranda.hickman [at] (Miranda Hickman) Faculty Department of English
    jennifer.ho3 [at] (Jennifer Ho) Ph.D Student Educational and Counselling Psychology
    kate.hooton [at] (Kate Hooton) Office of Student Teaching Faculty of Education
    michael.hoover [at] (Michael Hoover) Faculty Educational and Counselling Psychology
    ameliagjones [at] (Amelia Jones) Faculty Department of Art History & Communication Studies
    lynn.kozak [at] (Lynn Kozak) Faculty Department of History and Classical Studies
    paul.kry [at] (Paul Kry) Faculty School of Computer Science
    sylvie.lapointe [at] (Sylvie Lapointe) Administrator Student Services, Macdonald Campus
    robert.leckey [at] (Robert Leckey) Dean Faculty of Law
    philip.lemieux [at] (Philip Lemieux)


    McGill Counselling Services (Pride Team Coordinator)

    becky.lentz [at] (Becky Lentz) Faculty Department of Art History and Communication Studies
    enoch.leung [at] (Enoch Leung) Masters Student Education Counselling Psychology
    brian.lewis [at] (Brian Lewis) Faculty Department of History

    charlene.lewis [at] (Charlene Lewis-Sutherland)

    Accommodations Supervisor Student Housing and Hospitality Services
    abby.lippman [at] (Abby Lippman) Faculty Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health
    vincci.lui [at] (Vincci Lui) Liaison Librarian Macdonald Campus Library
    michelle.maillet [at] (Michelle Maillet) Geography Undergraduate Program Advisor Department of Geography
    julie.major [at] (Julie Major)

    Faculty Lecturer and Academic Advisor

    Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (Macdonald Campus)

    maloney [at] (Alex Maloney) Associate Professor Department of Physics 
    cindy.mancuso [at] (Cindy Mancuso) Career Counsellor/Diversity Advisor Career Planning Service (CaPS)
    wai-meng.mak [at] (Florence Mak) Graduate Student Educational and Counselling Psychology
    lydia.martone [at] (Lydia Martone) Director Office of the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance)
    sara.mattigetz [at] (Sara Mattigetz) Masters Student Educational and Counselling Psychology
    jeffrey.miles [at] (Jeffrey Miles) Facility Manager Animal Resources Centre
    catherineanne.miller [at] (Catherine-Anne Miller) Faculty Ingram School of Nursing
    MICHAEL.DAVID.MILLER [at] MCGILL.CA (Michael David Miller) Liaison Librarian Humanities and Social Sciences Library 
    mitchell.miller [at] (Mitchell Miller) Student Life Coordinator Office of the Executive Director, Services for Students
    stella.miller [at] (Stella Miller) MedWell Wellness Consultant and Therapist Faculty of Medicine
    martin.morris [at] (Martin Morris) Librarian Life Sciences
    imorrison [at] (Ian Morrison) Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Physics
    vrinda.narain [at] (Vrinda Narain) Faculty

    Faculty of Law and the IGSF

    julie.prsa [at] (Julie Prsa) Administrative Assistant Office of the Vice-Principal (Administration and Finance)
    michael.raby [at] (Michael Raby) Postdoctoral Fellow Department of English
    Johanna.Ransmeier [at] (Johanna Ransmeier) Faculty Department of History
    andrea.reyesayllon [at] (Andrea Reyes) Graduate Student Educational and Counselling Psychology
    rutledge [at] (Bob Rutledge) Faculty Deparment of Physics
    BIANCA.TETRAULT [at] MCGILL.CA (Bianca Tetrualt) Liaison Officer Harm Reduction Dean of Students [at] (André St.-Jacques) Masters Student Department of Psychology
    jonathan.sterne [at] (Jonathan Sterne) Faculty Dept. of Art History and Communications Studies
    natalie.waters [at] (Natalie Waters) Head Librarian Macdonald Campus Library
    lloyd.whitesell [at] (Lloyd Whitesell) Faculty Schulich School of Music
    yves.winter [at] (Yves Winter) Faculty Dept. of Political Science
    caili.woodyard [at] (Caili Woodyard) Administrator, Quartier de l'innovation Vice-Principal - Research and International Relations
    jessica.wurster [at] (Jessica Wurster) Industry Liaison Associate McGill Engineering Student Centre

    Some allies may choose to display a Safer Spaces poster or button in an easily visible place in their office or place of work.

    Please note: Safer Space Allies have only been appearing on the website since July, 2009. If you have previously attended a Safe Space workshop and would like to be included in this list, please contact equity.diversity [at] for more information.

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