Cafe Collab Year End Showcase 2017

What is Café Collab?

Over the past year, Café Collab has hosted a series of arts-based consultations with students from different communities on their experiences and ideas related to accessing support services on campus.  These workshops have generated over 35 memes, fairy tale stories, and short films discussing the experiences of students who are Trans, Racialized, Indigenous, Caregivers, Parents, 1st Generation, and/or Former Youth in Care.  Café Collab used these media to facilitate 4 Dinner Discussions, bringing together students, staff, faculty, and community members to collectively-identify opportunities Student Services can explore to better support students with these lived experiences, identities, and needs.  This showcase is our chance to share these insights with you, the broader McGill community! 

What happens at the Year End Showcase?

Engage with the discussions we've been having over the course of the past year by visiting the different stations throughout the space, each showcasing the media created by students and the opportunities identified at the dinner discussions. Take a piece of Café Collab with you and walk away with some of the media and insights generated collectively by students, staff, and faculty.  Finally, add your suggestions to our idea board for which student communities we should reach out to next year  This showcase is also an opportunity to meet other students, staff, faculty, and community members invested in fostering a campus supportive of the diverse needs of the student body in a relaxed space, complete with light refreshments and music! 

Can I come?  

Yes!  This event is open to the whole McGill community - students, staff, faculty, and any other community members.  However, space is limited so confirm your RSVP below! 

Featuring: The Dean of Students' Corner!

Also be sure to check out the Dean of Students Corner, where Chris Buddle will be on hand to take suggestions for topics for a new potential discussion series on tools for engaging in complex social and community issues. More information to come.  

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