Thomas Navarro

Postdoctorate (Prof Natalya Gomez/Prof Nicolas Cowan/Prof Tim Methis/ McGill Space Institute)
Thomas Navarro
Contact Information
Email address: 
thomas.navarro [at]

PhD. 2016, Sorbonne Universités, Paris

Areas of expertise: 

Climate modelling, Data assimilation, Atmospheric dynamics

Post-Doctoral Fellows
FDA 311A
Current research: 

Habitability of Red Dwarfs System; Climate of Venus

Selected publications: 

Navarro T., G. Gilli, G. Schubert, S. Lebonnois, F. Lefèvre, & D. Quirino (2021). Icarus, 114400. Venus’ upper atmosphere revealed by a GCM: I. Structure and variability of the circulation.

Bills, B. G., T. Navarro, G. Schubert, A. Ermakov, & K.M. Gorski (2020). Icarus, 113568. Gravitational signatures of atmospheric thermal tides on Venus

Navarro, T., Schubert, G., & Lebonnois, S. (2018), Nature Geoscience, 11. Atmospheric mountain wave generation on Venus and its influence on the solid planet's rotation rate

Navarro, T., Forget, F., Millour, E., Greybush, S. J., Kalnay, E., & Miyoshi, T. (2017), Earth and Space Science, 4. The challenge of atmospheric data assimilation on Mars

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