Graduate Funding

All graduate students admitted to the Department are guaranteed a minimum level of financial support for a period of two years in the case of a MSc and four years in the case of a PhD. This comprises a TAship and graduate student award (top-up) from the Department and a graduate student stipend (RAship) from your supervisor. Students who arrive in the Department with a major scholarship (e.g., NSERC or FQRNT) do not receive a graduate stipend but are eligible to hold a TAship.


There are many major government (e.g., NSERC, FQRNT) and University scholarships (i.e., McGill Major Awards) for which students may apply. Smaller scholarships are available from a variety of sources (e.g., GEOTOP and CIM). There are also scholarships that are awarded strictly to cover the cost of a small research project that could be part of your main research and which might not otherwise be funded, such as those from GSA and SEG. The value of these scholarships is typically in the range $1,000 to $5,000. Finally, the department distributes a set of internal scholarships that range in value from $1,500 to $15,000. Awarded on academic merit to qualified and eligible EPS grad students, these awards no not require an application. A departmentalscholarship meeting is held each year to determine the distribution of scholarships for the following academic year.

Graduate Student Research Stipend

Graduate students receive a Research Stipend from their supervisors that, when combined with their TAship and departmental stipend, ensures a minimum level of disposable financial income (after tuition fee payments) of approximately $15,400 per year for M.Sc. students and $16,400 per year for Ph.D. students. The exact amount is adjusted for inflation each year and depends on whether the student is from Quebec, the rest of Canada or outside Canada. Supervisors may raisetheir support above the recommended level.

Differential Fee Waivers

Differential Fee Waivers (DFWs) are available only in the Summer session to international M.Sc. students. The Department is allocated one to two DFWs each summer to award to deserving international students who are between M.Sc. 1 and M.Sc. 2. Students who are awarded a DFW must fill out a form to register as a full-time student for the Summer session. The student then saves money by reaching additional session sooner because students at this stage do not pay the international tuition supplement.