Taking a close look

This false color image shows a spearhead-like magnetite particle, a hitherto unknown form of magnetofossil. The green particles sitting on the surface are magnetite crystals, which are produced by magnetotactic bacteria. (Image courtesy of Dirk Schumann)

Lab work on campus and off

Lisa Barazzuol sampling a box-core on board the R/V Coriolis II during a cruise in the St. Lawrence Estuary to study the development of hypoxia in the bottom waters.

The world is our laboratory

Collecting ground-penetrating radar data, Southern Ontario.

Student research

The links between teaching, research and learning were highlighted in a student poster session at a Joint Board Senate meeting.

More info

Fundamental research, real-world problems

Volcanic eruptions threaten millions of people around the world. Prof Don Baker studies volcanic processes to improve eruption forecasts. This includes studying how bubbles nucleate and grow in melt compositions.  Watch the video

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