Current Graduate Students

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Doctoral students

lise.alalouf [at] (Alalouf, Lise)

moses.angombe [at] (Angombe, Moses)

caitlin.beland [at] (Beland, Caitlin)

sarah.bodeving [at] (Bodeving, Sarah)

robert.bogue [at] (Bogue, Robert)

inga.boianju [at] (Boianju, Inga)

shihhan.chien [at] (Chien, Justin)

catherine.crotty [at] (Crotty, Catherine)

tom.crouzal [at] (Crouzal, Tom)

fiona.darcy [at] (D'Arcy, Fiona)

pascale.daoust [at] (Daoust, Pascale)

debarati.das [at] (Das, Debarati)

meghomita.das [at] (Das, Meghomita)

angelo.dossantosjunior [at] (dos Santos, Angelo)

erin.gibbons [at] (Gibbons, Erin)

regina.gonzalezmoguel [at] (Gonzalez Moguel, Regina)

wilder.greenman [at] (Greenman, Wilder)

holly.han [at] (Han, Holly)

kyle.henderson [at] (Henderson, Kyle)

mathilde.jutras [at] (Jutras, Mathilde)

benjamin.keenan [at] (Keenan, Benjamin)

marko.kudrnaprasek [at] (Kudrna Prasek, Marko)

pierrick.lamontagne-halle [at] (Lamontagne-Halle, Pierrick)

ge.li2 [at] (Li, Ge)

david.martineau [at] (Martineau, David)

duncan.mcleish [at] (McLeish, Duncan)

emily.mick [at] (Mick, Emily)

keavin.moore [at] (Moore, Keavin)

haylea.nisbet [at] (Nisbet, Haylea)

john.onwuemeka [at] (Onwuemeka, John)

andres.penacastro [at] (Pena Castro, Andres)

niklas.petersen [at] (Petersen, Nikolas)

david.purnell [at] (Purnell, David)

stan.roozen [at] (Roozen, Stan)

yessica-elena.salas-navarro [at] (Salas-Navarro, Jessica)

caroline.seyler [at] (Seyler, Caroline)

chen.shen2 [at] (Shen, Chen)

evan.slater [at] (Slater, Evan)

lone.tiong [at] (Tiong, Jake)

clara.waelkens [at] (Waelkens, Clara)

rowan.wollenberg [at] (Wollenberg, Rowan)

robert.wu [at] (Wu, Robert)

florentine.zwillich [at] (Zwillich, Florentine)


Master's students

kiera.broda [at] (Broda, Kiera)

robert.collar [at] (Collar, Robert)

william.fajzel [at] (Fajzel, William)

kira.fuller [at] (Fuller, Kira)

arvid.gonzalezgonzalez [at] (Gonzalez Gonzalez, Arvid)

hannah.guiney [at] (Guiney, Hannah)

timothy.howell [at] (Howell, Timothy)

melanie.king [at] (King, Mélanie)

shanshan.li2 [at] (Li, Shanshan)

melissa.marquette [at] (Marquette, Melissa)

tanya.matitia [at] (Matitia, Tanya)

samuel.metteer [at] (Metteer, Samuel)

gavin.mcnamara [at] (McNamara, Gavin)

leah.mindorff [at] (Mindorff, Leah)

julia.morales-aguirre [at] (Morales-Aguirre, Julia) [at] (Ng, Kevin)

phoebe.nkansa [at] (Nkansa, Phoebe)

teegan.ojala [at] (Ojala, Teegan)

stephen.oni [at] (Oni, Stephen)

lindsey.potts [at] (Potts, Lindsey)

brindley.smith [at] (Smith, Brindley)

selsey.stribling [at] (Stribling, Selsey)

jeannette.wan [at] (Wan, Jeannette)

margaret.whelan [at] (Whelan, Maggie)

william.wong3 [at] (Wong, William)

audrey.woo [at] (Woo, Audrey)

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