Nagissa Mahmoudi

Assistant Professor

Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences
3450 University St.
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3A 0E8

Email: nagissa.mahmoudi [at]

Tel: 514-398-2722

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Microbes form the backbone of aquatic environments by controlling biogeochemical cycling of essential elements such as carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus. My research focuses on microbial processes that mediate the fate and transformation of organic compounds in coastal and marine environments. I seek to understand microbial controls on the mineralization of natural organic matter as well as organic contaminants such as petroleum hydrocarbons. My research employs a variety of field and laboratory based tools, ranging from experimental microbiology to isotope geochemistry, to connect microbial pathways and interactions with biogeochemical transformations. The information produced through this work will help create a robust understanding of the molecular-scale processes that govern carbon cycling in aquatic environments.

Recent Publications

Techtmann, S.M., Mahmoudi, N., Whitt, K.T., Campa, M.F., Fortney, J.L., Joyner, D.C., and Hazen, T.C., (2017). Comparison of Thaumarchaeotal Populations from Four Deep Sea Basins. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 93(11), doi: 10.1093/femsec/fix128.

Mahmoudi N., Beaupre, S.R., Steen, A.D., and Pearson, A., (2017). Sequential bioavailability of sedimentary organic matter to heterotrophic bacteria. Environmental Microbiology, 19(7): 2629–2644.

Beaupre, S.R., Mahmoudi, N., and Pearson, A., (2016). IsoCaRB: A novel bioreactor system to characterize the lability and natural carbon isotopic (14C, 13C) signatures of microbially-respired organic matter. Limnology & Oceanography Methods, 14:10: 668-681.

Hazen, T.C., Prince, R.C., Mahmoudi, N., (2016). Marine Oil Biodegradation. Environmental Science & Technology, 50(5), 2121-2129.

Mahmoudi, N., Robeson, M.S., Castro, H.F., Fortney, J.L., Techtmann, S.M., Joyner, D.C., Paradis, C.J., Pfiffner, S.M., and Hazen, T.C., (2015). Microbial community composition and diversity in Caspian Sea sediments. FEMS Microbiology Ecology, 91: 1-11.

Brewer, S., Techtmann, S.M., Mahmoudi, N., Niang, D., Pfiffner, S., and Hazen, T.C., (2015). Co-extraction of DNA and PLFA from soil samples. Journal of Microbiological Methods, 115: 64-66.

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