Galen Pippa Halverson

Associate Professor

Department of Earth & Planetary Sciences
3450 University St.
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3A 0E8

Email: galen.halverson [at] (Galen Halverson)

Tel: 514.398.4894

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EPSC 331 Field School 2 3 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

EPSC 355 Sedimentary Geology 3 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer

EPSC 425 Sediments to Sequences 3 Credits
    Offered in the:
  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Summer


I integrate sedimentology, stratigraphy, and isotope geochemistry to reconstruct ancient environments within the context of secular and progressive tectonic, biospheric, and climatic evolution of the earth. The underlying theme of my research is to reconstruct paleoenvironmental change spanning from the late Proterozoic to the early Phanerozoic (~ 1200 to 500 ma) and to understand the interconnections between tectonics (i.e., supercontinental break-up and assembly), seawater chemistry and ocean redox, severe climatic fluctuations (including snowball Earth), and the origin and diversification of animals. This research is fundamentally field-based and geared around detailed geological studies of sedimentary basins that formed during this time.

Recent Publications

Ader, M., Thomazo, C., Sansjofre, P., Busigny, V., Papineau, D., Laffon, R., Cartigny, P., and Halverson, G.P., (2016). Nitrogen isotope interpretation in Precambrian sedimentary rocks: assumptions and perspectives. Chemical Geology, 429, 93–110.

Angerer, T., Hagemann, S.G., Walde, D., Halverson, G.P., and Boyce, A.J., (2016). Multiple metal sources in the glaciomarine facies of the Neoproterozoic Jacadigo iron formation in the Santa Cruz Deposit, Corumbá, Brazil. Precambrian Geology, 275, 369–393.

Cole, D.B., Reinhard, C.T., Wang, X., Gueguen, B., Halverson, G.P., Lyons, T.W., Planavsky, N.J., (2016). A shale-hosted Cr isotope record of low atmospheric oxygen during the Proterozoic. Geology, 44, 555–558.

Cox, G.M., Halverson, G.P., Poirier, A., Le Heron, D., Strauss, J.V., and Stevenson, R.S. , (2016). A model for Cryogenian iron formation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 433, 280-292.

Cox, G.M., Halverson, G.P., Stevenson, R.S., Vokaty, M., Poirier, A., Kunzmann, M., Li, Z-X., Denyszyn, S., Strauss, J.V., and Macdonald, F.A., (2016). A continental flood basalt weathering trigger for snowball Earth. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 446, 89-99.

Cox, G.M., Jarrett, A., Edwards, D., Crockford, P., Halverson, G.P., Li, Z.-L., Collins, A.S., (2016). The Mesoproterozoic Roper Seaway. Chemical Geology, 440, 101-114.

Crockford, P.W., Cowie, B.R., Johnston, D.T., Hayles, J., Halverson, G.P., Sugiyama, I., Pellerin, A., Bui, T.-H., Hoffman, P.F., Macdonald, F.A., and Wing, B.A., (2016). Triple oxygen isotope constraints on the evolution of the earliest Ediacaran marine sulfur cycle. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 435, 74-83.

Fairchild, I.J., Bonnand, P., Condon, D., Davies, T., Fleming, E.J., Grassineau, N., Halverson, G.P., Hambrey, M.J., McMillan, E.M., McKay, E., Parkinson, I.J., and Stevenson, C.T.E, (2016). Rhythmic dolomitic shales between Cryogenian glacials, NE Svalbard: chemostratigraphy and genesis. Precambrian Research, 281, 128–154.

Mendes, M., Lobato, L., Halverson, G.P., Kunzmann, M., Rosière, C.A., Figueiredo e Silval, R., (2016). Iron isotope and REE+Y composition of the Paleoproterozoic banded iron formations and their related iron ores from the Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Brazil: Implications for their genesis. Mineralium Deposita, , doi:10.1007/s00126-016-0649-9.

Shields-Zhou, G.A., Porter, S.M., and Halverson, G.P., (2016). A new rock-based definition for the Cryogenian Period (circa 720–635 Ma). Episodes, 39, 3-8.

Uhlein, G.J., Uhlein, A., Halverson, G.P., Stevenson, R., Caxito, F., Cox, G.M., Carvalho, F.M.G., (2016). The Carrancas Formation, Bambuí Group: A Pre-Marinoan Record on the Southern Margin of the Saão Francisco craton. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 71, 1-16.

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