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New lab users

  1. Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System WHMIS Training <- click here to sign up online.
    Your first training must be done in person; 3-year renewals can be online.
  2. Laboratory Safety Orientation (for every lab you will work in - see PI or lab manager).

All faculty, staff, students and visitors working in McGill laboratories need to be oriented to the specifics of their work environment, including:

  • Hazards and controls
  • Emergency procedures
  • Health & safety policies
  • Reporting procedures for incidents and for hazards or unsafe conditions
  • Instructions on safe practices
  • Instructions for the use of personal protective equipment


Details of the Laboratory Safety Orientation requirements can be found here.


During the training, complete the checklist and the PI or manager of the lab should keep the signed copy.


Principal Investigators and Laboratory Managers:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the McGill Environmental Health and Safety page for New Principal Investigators. On this site you will find Report Forms for accidents, incidents and occupational disease, air quality complaint forms, and general laboratory policy information.
  2. Confirm that all users have received WHMIS Training and that they update every 3 years.
  3. PI or lab manager conduct Laboratory Safety Orientation for every user. Retain signed checklist for your records. Instructions and checklist
  4. Send users to other EHS training sessions as appropriate for your lab.
    A complete list of training programs offered can be found here.
    Trainings include first aid, laser safety, biosafety, hazardous waste management & disposal, etc.
  5. Consider attending a training in the Internal Responsibility System to understand responsiblities and liabilities in McGill labs (
  6. Conduct laboratory self-inspections a few times per year. The McGill inspection form can be found here.
  7. Ensure that Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are available and well signed (if they are available online, this must be signed as well.) You can find signs for printing at and posters at

For the 2014-2015 academic year, the Earth & Planetary Sciences Departmental Safety Officer is Christie Rowe.


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