The 3rd Annual Montreal StemCellTalks Symposium


Virtual, CA

Note: SCT 2021 is a French-language symposium for Sec 4 to CEGEP.

StemCellTalks (SCT) is a free public outreach initiative established to facilitate scientific and ethical knowledge transfer between academia and high school and CEGEP students. We are ecstatic that more students will have the opportunity to learn about the science and ethics of stem cells.

SCT was developed in Toronto (2010) and it has since expanded to 8 other cities in Canada (including Montreal) and educating more than 1000 high school students each year. SCT was established under the umbrella of Canadian Stem Cell Network (SCN) and Let’s Talk Science.

This year for our 3rd annual StemCellTalks symposium in Montreal, we will be (virtually) hosting Canada’s 1st French StemCellTalks symposium. The theme is "Muscle Stem Cells" and the participants will be learning about Stem Cell 101, Muscle stem cells, therapeutic aspects of muscle stem cells and stem cell bioethics. In addition, virtual hands-on activities will be presented to the participants to familiarize them with some of the state-of-the-art techniques, procedures and research happening in the laboratories across Montreal.

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Keerthana Harwalkar
Let's Talk Science Outreach at McGill University
internal.lts.mcgill [at]
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