The Wilder Penfield Lecture: How to Share Science and Fight Misinformation


The Wilder Penfield Lecture was inaugurated in 1985 to honour Wilder Penfield, pioneering neurosurgeon and founder of The Neuro.M3801 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 2B4, CA/neuroCategory:...

Meet Your Major


Prospecting for geothermal or mineral resources, assessing hazard risks from volcanoes or earthquakes, tracking groundwater flow and permafrost change, predicting the variable impact of ice cap...

Keeping the beat – it’s all in your brain

Published: 1Sep2020

How do people coordinate their actions with the sounds they hear? This basic ability, which allows people to cross the street safely while hearing oncoming traffic, dance to new music or perform...

Origin of a complex life form revealed

Published: 2Sep2020

Researchers from McGill University have revealed the steps by which two very distinct organisms – bacteria and carpenter ants – have come to depend on one another for survival to become a single...

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