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Lapidary Rock Saw Priority


Student using a lapidary saw to cut rock slabs.

It is time to replace the saw

It is being held together with wire.







EPS Science and Social Priority


Graduate student presenting her research poster at the annual EPS symposium.

Community is important

Social and science interaction between students and faculty leads to the department feeling more like a family and facilitates sharing research and ideas across all levels. Funding for programs like this is hard to find through traditional funding models.

“During my first semester at McGill, the EPS coffee time has afforded me the opportunity to meet with other members of the department. Everyone from students to professors were all very welcoming and encouraging, this made me feel like the atmosphere in the department was safe, inclusive and cordial. Coffee time also provided me the opportunity to hear about the exciting research students and professors are currently working on. One of the most significant coffee times I have had the privilege of attending involved me hearing about the research and life of Holly Han. Holly is a PhD student and she described her current research to me as studying the effects of solid Earth deformation and gravitational-field perturbation on ice sheet dynamics during the past glacial cycles. Holly also shared some of the amazing things she did prior to enrolling at McGill, such as writing a book in Korean and developing her martial arts skills. Her work and story inspire me to work hard as a researcher while continuing to do the things I love.” Stephen Oni, graduate student in EPS

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