Environmental Impacts on Health

Solutions based on assessing risks

Environmental exposures including contaminants in air, water and the food supply are a leading cause of global disease and contribute to millions of deaths worldwide each year.

The Environmental and Occupational Health research at McGill is aimed at understanding and reducing population health risks posed by environmental conditions. Much of this research incorporates the long-term effects of these environmental conditions in the workplace.

There is great responsibility in anticipating, evaluating and ultimately resolving the greatest environmental health problems of our time. The Faculty members in Environmental and Occupational Health at McGill lead innovative projects doing exactly this, both in Canada and across the globe. These globally recognized projects include many world-class scholars in epidemiology and biostatistics and the department is working on  expanding in this field with the new M.Sc. in Epidemiology; Non-Thesis – Environmental & Occupational Health.

The Environmental Epidemiology Research Group studies a wide number of exposures, including outdoor and household air pollution, pesticides, flame retardants, plastic additives and persistent organic chemicals and their effect on health over the life course from the fetal stage into late adulthood. are actively recruiting graduate students at the Master and Doctorate levels to join our group. Contact us for more details.

Faculty working in this field



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