Clinical Epidemiology / Informatics

Patient centered work

Clinical epidemiology is the study of how diagnostic and therapeutic choices can be improved to optimize patient outcomes.

Health informatics is the study of how software systems can improve health and prevent disease by making information and knowledge available to patients, clinicians and those that manage health systems within population health.

Our faculty and students engage in both fundamental and applied research in both clinical epidemiology and health informatics. Fundamental research in clinical informatics aims to develop new methods for analyzing data generated through clinical trials. In health informatics, fundamental research develops algorithms and software for analyzing massive amounts of data and feeding the resulting information back to users in an understandable manner. In health informatics, applied research involves introducing software into real-world settings and evaluating its impact on decision and outcomes. Applied research in clinical epidemiology includes the administration of clinical trials and the analysis of data to produce new insights to inform clinical practice.

Faculty working in this field


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