Minors for Undergraduate Students

Minor in Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering Minor is offered for students in Engineering and in the Department of Bioresource Engineering wishing to pursue studies in this area.

The Minor program consists of 21 credits in courses. Up to a maximum of 12 credits of coursework in the student's B.Eng. program may double-count with the Minor.

To complete the Minor in Environmental Engineering, students must obtain a grade of C or better in all approved courses in the Minor, and satisfy the requirements of the Minor and of their departmental program.

The Environmental Engineering Minor Program is administered by the Department of Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics. Further information may be obtained from Professor ronald.gehr [at] mcgill.ca (Ronald Gehr).

Note: Not all courses listed are offered every year. Students should consult with the department concerned about the courses that are offered in a given year.

Minor in Environment

Environmental studies involve the interactions between humans and their natural or technological environment. Environmental problems are frequently comprehensive and complex, and their satisfactory solutions require the synthesis of humanistic, scientific, and institutional knowledge.

The Minor in Environment is offered and administered by the McGill School of Environment (MSE). Inquiries should be directed to kathy.roulet [at] mcgill.ca (Ms. Kathryn Roulet) , MSE Program Coordinator.

Since the program comprises a total of 18 credits for the Minor, additional credits beyond those needed for the B.Eng. degree are required. Students wishing to receive the Minor should prepare a program and have it approved by both their regular Engineering adviser and the MSE adviser. For program details, see Minor in Environment