Bernard Segal

Academic title(s): 

Associate Professor, Otolaryngology, McGill University
Director Research, Otolaryngology, McGill University
Graduate Program Director, Otolaryngology, McGill University

Bernard Segal

 BSc, BEng, MEng (McG.), PhD (McG.)

Jewish General Hospital
Current research: 

Dr. Segal’s research is directed toward minimising wireless-electromagnetic-interference risks in hospitals, using wireless informatics to improve health care delivery, and, recently, toward assessing workflow in health care and how wireless information technology might best improve it.

Language(s) spoken: 

Bernard Segal is a highly inter-disciplinary research engineer (Electrical Engineering, with a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering, and a PhD in Neurophysiology). He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology of McGill University. He is the Director of Research in Otolaryngology at McGill, and at the Jewish General Hospital. He is the Director of Graduate Studies in Otolaryngology at McGill. He has fostered safe wireless communion in health care by promoting safe wireless-interference-free co-existence (electromagnetic compatibility - EMC) of wireless sources and medical equipment. His efforts have stemmed from the collaborative research of his multi-centre (McGill, Concordia, University of Montreal), multi-disciplinary (engineering, medicine, rehabilitation medicine) research team. He heads the McGill Biomedical Group on Electromagnetic Compatibility. He has contributed to many medical EMC standards, policies, and recommendations. He has organized over 30 national and international conferences, workshops, and teaching sessions on EMC and wireless in health care. 

Selected publications: 

1. Segal B (2002) Integration of information technology into healthcare: Roles of wireless and ad-hoc immunity testing. International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism 4(2), pp. 179-180

2. Trueman CW, Davis D, Segal B, Muneer W (2009) Validation of Fast Site-Specific Mean-Value Modelsfor Indoor Propagation. Journal of Applied Computational Electromagnetic Society 24: 312-322.

3. Huang A, Segal B (2011) “A literature review of the safety of medical body area network devices in magnetic resonance imaging" Proc of 5th International symposium on medical information and computer technology, Montreux, Switzerland, March 27-30, 2011.


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