2021-2022 Undergraduate Courses

Please note that each course has an ENGL designation, which identifies an English Department course, and a three digit number. The first digit of this course number offers a rough guide to the general level of the course, as follows:

2 - U1

3 - U2

4 - U3

5 - graduate and U3

Students normally take courses appropriate to their year provided pre-requisites, where they exist, are met. That is, U1 students would, for the most part, take 200-level courses. (Some 200-level courses are open to U0 students as well; for 2021-22 academic year these are: ENGL 215, 225, 227, 229, 230, 250, 290, and 297). More information and advice for U0 students can be found here: https://www.mcgill.ca/oasis/students/new

English Majors, Minors, and Honours students may select courses at any level within reason with the advice of instructors and advisors.   U1 students are discouraged from enrolling in 400-level courses. 

In program students — that is, Majors, Minors or Honours students in English — should normally restrict themselves in U1 to the courses that are required for their programme of study, as follows:

Cultural Studies major/minor/honours: ENGL 275 and ENGL 277 (and for Majors and Honours students only: ENGL 359)

Drama and Theatre major/minor/honours: ENGL 230 (and for Majors and Honours students only: ENGL 355)

Literature major/minor/honours: ENGL 202 and ENGL 203 (and for Majors and Honours students only: ENGL 311)

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