Philippe BÉDARD

Philippe BÉDARD
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philippe.bedard [at]
Postdoctoral Fellows
SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow
Areas of interest: 

Virtual reality; phenomenology; film aesthetics; virtual production; screendance


Philippe Bédard completed his PhD in film studies at Université de Montréal, where he wrote a dissertation on the body-camera-space relations of select camera movement technologies throughout film history. He recently completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Carleton University, where he worked on the issue of empathy in virtual reality (VR) narratives.

He is a SSHRC postdoctoral fellow currently working on the design of VR exhibits in festivals, galleries and cultural institutions. His research interests include film technology and aesthetics, phenomenology, Virtual Reality, virtual production, GoPro cameras, camera movement and screendance. Along with Alanna Thain and Carl Therrien, he is the co-editor of an upcoming edited collection titled States of Immersion: Bodies, Media Technologies.


PhD, Université de Montréal (2021)
MA, Concordia University (2015)
BFA, Concordia University (2013)

Selected publications: 


With Charlotte Dronier, “Faire corps avec la caméra: Expérimentations esthétiques et phénoménologie alternative du mouvement chorégraphique.” In Un cinéma en mouvement: Portabilité des appareils et formes filmiques, edited by Richard Bégin, Thomas Carrier-Lafleur, and Gilles Mouëllic, 2022, 159–182. Montréal: Presses de l’Université de Montréal.

“Trajectoires du montage à l’ère du numérique.” Écrans 1, n° 17 (Fall 2022): 227–250.

“Virtual Production and the Transformation of Cameras Mechanical, Virtual, and Actual.” Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal 17, no. 2 (Summer 2022): 226–243.


“Virtuality+: The Physical Body in Virtual Reality and the Path Toward Augmented Virtuality.” Aisthesis. Pratiche, linguaggi e saperi dell’estetico 15, n° 2 (accepted)

“Closing the Gap: Storytelling in Nonfiction Virtual Reality.” Canadian Journal of Film Studies (accepted).

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