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josie.barth [at]

Ph.D., Cultural Studies, McGill University Department of English (2018)
M.A., English Literature, Georgetown University (2012)
B.A., Critical Theory and Cinema Studies, New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Study (2005)

Teaching areas: 

Film and media history and theory, gender studies, cultural studies, popular culture, TV studies, audio drama, genre studies

Current research: 

The historical experience of new media technologies, gender and domestic space, theories of narration and address in commercial broadcast media


Josie Torres Barth received her Ph.D. from McGill's Department of English in 2018. Her dissertation, "Twilight Zones: Women between the Public and Private Spheres in Postwar U.S. Television, Film, and Radio,” takes the idea of the “twilight zone” as a central organizing principle to examine ambiguous public and private spaces in popular representations of gender, the home, and the family in the postwar period. Through close readings of the science-fiction/horror anthology TV series The Twilight Zone (1959­–1964) and other TV, film, and radio texts, she argues that the intimate address of new media technologies—television, as well as the strategies film and radio developed in response—created an uncanny virtual space between the public sphere of commerce and entertainment and the private sphere of the home. Formally and thematically, these texts dramatize an emerging social anxiety: the ambiguous position of women as uncompensated laborers in the developing consumer economy. Josie’s work is forthcoming in Camera Obscura: Feminism, Culture, and Media Studies.