Cultural Studies

Faculty Research &
teaching interests
Carney, Prof. Sean Bertolt Brecht; twentieth-century drama; contemporary British theatre; contemporary tragedy; drama and critical theory; romantic drama; theatre and modernism
Kaite, Prof. Berkeley Feminist cultural studies; cultural memory and popular media; the body
Lecker, Prof. Robert Canadian literature; literary history; canonical theory; cultural studies; bibliography
Nystrom, Prof. Derek British and American cultural studies; post-studio-era American film
Ponech, Prof. Trevor Philosophy of cinema; philosophy of literature; theories of culture and society
Popescu, Prof. Monica Postcolonial literature and theory (esp. South African contemporary literature); Eastern Europe and post-communism; gender studies; nationalism; globalization
Schantz, Prof. Ned Cultural studies; film; narrative theory; genre theory; feminism; media and technology
Stenbaek, Prof. Marianne Mass media and communications studies; communications in developing areas; Northern studies
Thain, Prof. Alanna Film; film theory; cultural studies