More than just a performance space

Sure you can present your show in our 306-seat proscenium theatre, but did you know that we could build your costumes as well? We have a fully equipped costume shop and full fabric dyeing facilities available to day or weekly rental, which include:

  • A 60 gallon industrial soup kettle used as a dye vat
  • Halogen lighting for color correct view of fabrics and dyes 
  • Ventilation system over dye vat and work space
  • Stainless steel counter tops and ceramic floor with floor drain 
  • Stainless steel drying rack over water access
  • Four oversize sinks large enough to soak fabric yardage

And sure your set will look great hung from our 32 fly lines, but did you know we can build that set for you as well? We have a full scene shop available for rent, and we can even get you the carpenters. Now throw in our well-stocked inventory of lighting and sound and you are all set. If you have the ideas, we have the tools to realize them!

Click play to watch a McGill Moment video featuring Catherine Bradley, the creative genius behind the costumes used in our theatrical productions.

McGill Moment video featuring Catherine Bradley







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