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MA and PhD Student Research

PhD Students
CohortResearch focus / thesis title


Allaster, John

Improvisation, Imagism, Modernism

Cardenas, Manuel

Individualism and Religious Epistemology in Early Modern Literature

Harkin, Keelan

Citizenship and the Everyday in Modernist and Contemporary Irish novels

Jermyn, Peter

Poetic Difficulty in Anne Carson and Paul Muldoon

Qaqish, Omar

Orientalist Translation and Empire

Quirk, Catherine

19th-Century Theatre and Theatricality


Conway, Elisha

Space and Affect in Contemporary Theatre

Girty, Ashley

Women as Writers and Practitioners in the Medical Marketplace (c.1550-1700)

Nygren, Catherine

18th-Century British Print Culture

Ownbey, Carolyn

Statelessness: Literature and Human Rights

Stunden, Sarah

Violence in African American Modernist Literature


Barth, Josie Torres

Metafictional Narration and the Spaces of Reception in Mid-20th-Century US Popular Culture

Heaney, Olivia

Naturecultures in Contemporary Canadian Cinema and Performance

Mason, Dancy

Intersections of Modernism and Posthumanism

Taylor, Megan

Readers and Reading in Romantic-Period Fiction


McCormick, Casey

Television Finales

Nigam, Sunita

Popular Performance and Nightlife Cultures

Towers, Mary

Nostalgia and its Adaptations in 20th-Century American Fiction and Film


Buckley, Ariel

Food and Rationing in Midcentury British Fiction and Film

Cameron, Laura

"A Strange Gestation": Periods of Poetic Silence in Modern Canadian Creative Careers

Fish, Tom

Shakespearean Performance and Queer Theory

Ross, Shaun

Sacramental Signification: Eucharistic Poetics from Chaucer to Milton

Boylan, David

Contemporary Film and Slacker Culture


Gélinas-Faucher, Claudine

Representations of Montreal in the Anglo-Quebec Novel

Lewton-Brain, Anna

Metaphysical Music: Donne, Herbert, Crashaw, and 17th-Century Song

Pinder, Kaitlyn

Individualism and Individuality in the Canadian Modern Novel

Sigg, Anna

Trauma: The Tinnitus of Silence

Cushing, Jonathan Taste and “Matters of Fact” in British Romantic Poetry
Barkley, Danielle Details and description in Silver Fork novels, 1820-1840
Wittek, Stephen The Media Players: News Culture and Early Modern Theater
Barootes, Benjamin Fourteenth- and fifteenth-century English dream visions
Clarke, Amanda Post-Colonial Irish Theatrical Nationalism
Derdiger, Paula Building Post-War Britain
Ducusin, Mark The Victorian Sensation Novel and English Sexology
Havens, Hilary Philosophical and Linguistic Subjectivity in Frances Burney’s Novels
Holland, Joanne The Rise of Detective Fiction in the Eighteenth Century
Pfefferle, Justin Documentary, Surrealism, and Britain during the Second World War
Weingarten, Jeffrey Canadian Modernist Poetry and the Historiographic Turn, 1962-1986
Whittington, Ian The Radio War: British Literature and the Politics of Broadcasting, 1939-1945
Essert, Emily Modern Poetry and Animals
Hoffman, Tiffany Early Modern Drama and Shyness
MacDonald, Brad Victorian Masculinity
Pangman, Jennifer Romantic Elegy
Wry, Joan American Transcendentalism
Huffels, Nathalie Victorian Fiction and Trauma
Morris, Blair Early Modern Drama
Rackham, Michelle Canadian Modern Poetry
Skoronski, Sarah Eighteenth-Century Fiction and Madness
Britton, Amy Early Modern Theatre
Deshaye, Joel Canadian Poetry and Celebrity
Krzakowski, Caroline Modern Fiction and Diplomacy
Morrissey, Jake Walsh Medieval Medicine and Literature
Oberer, Karen Early Modern Drama
Phipps, Gregory Henry James and Pragmatism
Cockburn, Amanda Shakespeare in the Eighteenth Century
Coodin, Sara Early Modern Drama
Dawes, Martin Milton
Donaldson, Meredith Early Modern Poetry
Honeyman, Chelsea Middle Scots Literature
Lee, Michael Eating and the Novel
Wright, Myra Early Modern Drama and Prostitution
Anderson, David Violence Against The Sacred: Tragedy and Religion in Early Modern England
Holmgren, Lindsay Telepathy and Twentieth-Century American Fiction
MacDonald, Tara Men of the Moment: Emergent Masculinities in the Victorian Novel
Shea, J.  The Juggler in Shakespeare
Bar-On, Gefen True Light, True Method: Science, Newtonianism, and the Editing of Shakespeare in Eighteenth-century England
Beenstock, Zoe Romanticism and Women's Writing
Drouin, Jennifer "To Be or Not to Be Free": Nation and Gender in Québécois Adaptations of Shakespeare
Hoffman, Deb Modern Poetry and Prosody
Margalit, Yael Creaturely Pleasures: The Representation of Animals in Early Modern Drama
Feenstra, Robin Modern Noise: Bowen, Waugh, Orwell
King, Stephanie Devious, Dashing, Disturbing: Fallen Men in Victorian Novels, 1860-1900
Morel, Pauline Rag Bags: Textile Crafts in Canadian Fiction Since 1980
Oltmann, Christina Contemporary American Fiction
Polley, Jason Acts of Justice: Risk and Representation in Contemporary American Fiction
Stephenson, Liisa Reading Matter: Modernism and the Book
Vollick, Erin Spellbound: Magic in Contemporary Fiction
Wickes, Leslie Eighteenth-Century Fiction
Boyd, Shelley How Does Her Garden Grow? The Garden Topos and Trope in Canadian Women's Writing
Kavanagh, Matt Second Nature: American Fiction in the Age of Capitalist Realism
Wright, David Subversive Technologies: The Machine Age Poetics of F.T. Marinetti, Ezra Pound, and Charles Olson
Hutchison, Lorna Strategies of the Grotesque in Canadian Fiction
Koopman, Jennifer Redeeming Romanticism: George MacDonald, Percy Shelley, and Literary History
McAlonan, Pauline Wrestling with Angels: T. S. Eliot, W. H. Auden, and the Idea of a Christian Poetics
Trainor, Kim Feminist Poetics from écriture féminine to The Pink Guitar
Travis, Keira Infinite Gesture: An Approach to Shakespearean Character


MA Students
CohortThesis/Research Focus
Ayesh, Shaza Consciousness in Marcel Proust
Bahar, Jessica 18th Century Captivity Narratives
Ball, Kasey Arthurian Myth
Belzil, Diane American Poetry
Cameron, Julie Canadian Literature/Book History
Canela, Laura Visionary Women
Clinton, Lauren Poetic Movement
Daley, Scott Renaissance Idealism and Experience
Grand, Jason Victorian Mass Culture
Hemming, Deborah Food in Canadian Literature
Hu, Jane Aerial Modernism
Karpinsky, Max American Post-War Poetry
Mackenzie, Matthew Hetero-normative Orientalism in Film and Literature
Milly, Edmund Mervyn Peake
Mooney, Abigail Modernism
Pringle, Thomas  The American Archive
Somos, Veronica 20th Century Fantasy and Realism
Sundberg, Jacquelyn Dorothy Livesay
Tumulty, Laura Irish Literature
Waller, Katherine Renaissance Drama
White, Zaren Victorian Food and Sex
Brown, Andrew Subjectivity and Somatic Characterization in William Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra
Chaput, Jennifer Gertrude Stein
D'Amico, Guillaume Re-presenting the Past in William Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!
Du Plessis, Klara Dialogic Webs in Sylvia Plath and Jack Spicer
Emmett, Kristen Henry David Thoreau and American Transcendentalism
Hajnoczky, Helen  Women and Medieval Genre Formation
Hart, Kathryn Homosocial Desire and Bad Empathy in Patricia Highsmith
Hertwig-Jaksch, Benjamin Robertson Davies and Education
Kennedy, Patrick The Late Modernist Turn to the Nineteenth Century
Keyzad, Niyosha Iranian-American Diasporic Literature
Kilpatrick, Jocelyne  Leonard Cohen: Speaking to the Other
Lalisse, Matthias  Postmodern Historical Fiction
Makuch, Ben Montreal Modernist Literature
Nord, Cameron DeLillo, Barthelme, and Epic Recycling
Sandor, Tamara Contemporary Canadian Theatre
Slavinsky, Leigh The Female Adolescent in Film
Wong, Devon Shakespeare in The Sandman
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Brightwell, Laura "Next time around: I don't want to be a man, I want to be an octopus"
Chartrand, Amy 'What Will You Do?': Phaedra's Tragic Desire and Social Order in the West.
Gilderdale, Malcolm "'What's Really Always There': Phillip Larkin's Methods of Establishing Authority"
Guimond, Lisa "'You are or You Aren't': Passing and Native Identity in Eden Robinson's Fiction"
Hogg, James "'He Wald Mak Him King:' Clashes of Heroism, Chivalry, and Kingship in Barbour's Bruce"
Holland, Joanne Narrating Margaret Nicholson: A Character Study in Fact and Fiction
Pauly, Jason Designing Byron's Dasein: The Anticipation of Existentialist Despair in Lord Byron's Poetry
Peters, Julie "Non One's Free Who Isn't Free to Love": Love and History across Canadian Boundaries in George Elliot Clarke's Beatrice Chancy and Québécité: A Jazz Fantasia in Three Cantos
Rangwala, Shama Elizabeth Bowen and Cinema
Schwebel, Leah 'Chaucer's "Divine Robbery": Appropriating the Poetry of Dante and the Classics in The House of Fame, The Legend of Good Women, and The Canterbury Tales'
Shishkov, Alla "Narrative, Cruelty, and Meaning: Representing Violence in the Theatre of Marina Carr and Martin McDonagh"
Sigg, Anna Towards a Definition of the Female Romantic Wanderer: On Death, Fragmentation, and the Female Sublime
Siller, Christine "Masculinity and Redemption: Feminism, Woody Allen, and the 1980's"
Stokes, Katherine Sexual Violence and the Authority to Speak: the Representation of Rape in Three Contemporary Novels
Bakara, Hadji Uncanny Dialectics
Clegg, Duncan "'That Immense and Bloodslaked Waster': A Comparative Study of Blood Meridian and Moby-Dick in the Context of the American Myth of the Frontier"
Cove, Patricia Education and Authority in Charlotte M. Yonge's The Heir of Redclyffe, The Daisy Chain, and Dynecover Terrace
Ellermann, Greg From Dualism to Dialectic: Kant, Sade, and Radcliffe on the Sublime
Franklin, Norah "'Splendid Creation, This Scrum of Religion': Spirituality in Robin Blaser's The Holy Forest"
Hardy-Vallee, Michel Where do the Pictures Fit in the Overall Picture? Graphic Novels as Literature
Herrick, Margaret Hope and Incarnation in the Works of J.M. Coetzee
Holguin, Catalina Firsthand Accounts of Piracy and the Birth of the English Nation
Joy, Nicole "A Puppet Danced Upon My Wires": Lovelace's Comic Manipulation in Clarissa
Klingenberg, Emily Changing Faces: the Short Story and the Crisis of Selfhood
Kotyk, Robert Hitchcockian Crisis: Genocide and the Fear of the Neighbor In Torn Curtain
Lipetz, Lisa Cable's City: New Orleans in the Works of George Washington Cable
McArthur, Rachel "'The Name of This Custom is a 'Happy Ending': The Ends of Comedy in Wise Children and Nights at the Circus"
McQuigge, Alexis "I'm Going to Bombay": Literary Representation of Woman, Marriage and the Colonial Space in India, 1770-1805
Moriah, Kristin In the Shadow of the Negro: Minstrelsy, Race and Performance in Herman Melville's "Benito Cereno"
Murphy, Tara The Porcupine's Quill and the Gaspereau Press: Studies in History, Philosophy, and Production Values of Two English-Canadian Printer-Publishers
Nobel, Robin Heroic Imaginings: Judaism, Masculinity, and Compensation in Mordecai Richler's The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz, St. Urbain's Horseman, and Solomon Gursky Was Here
Nunes, Charlotte "'Return to the Lonely Self': Isolation, Independence, and the Evolution of Female Identity in The Country Girls Trilogy"
Spence, Victoria Nichologic: Form and Logic in bpNichol's Probable Systems 1-26
Stoa, Heidi Triumphant Orfeo: Spiritual Allegory in Sir Orfeo
Wells, Brianna Afterlives of Catcher in the Rye
Whittington, Ian Walls Going Down: Urban Space and Vulnerability
Cooley, Michael Masculinities in Flux: Male Debility in Dreiser, Norris, and Wharton
Enjo, Dan "'Reel Back into the Beast': Tennyson's Criticism of Victorian Britain Through Arthurian Gothic"
Fink, Melissa Bars Are Us: Locating Resistance in Leslie Feinberg's Stone Butch Blues
Frassica, Matthew La Tarantella: The Innocent American, from Tourist to Spy
Jeyamanohar, Shangeetha Moby-Dick, Aesthetics, and the Apprehension of Formlessness; The Whale Breaches, or Does He?
Johnsen, Adele Holoch Behond the bon sauvage: Questioning Canada's Postcoloniality in Nancy Huston's Plainsong and Thomas King's Green Grass. Running Water
LeBlanc, Danielle Écraser l'infâme: Narrating Revolutionary History in English and French Jacobin Novels (1789-1794)
Levine, Naomi "'Terrible Love': Amatory Trauma in Sonnets from the Portuguese and Modern Love"
Marelj, Jelena Interlocking Circles: Dialectical Subjectivity in Spenser's Amoretti and in Donne's Songs and Sonnets
Moran, Dana The Essential Other in Modernity: Madness and Schizophrenia
Moth, Laura Taking Back the Promised Land: Farm Attacks in Recent South African Literature
Nebres, Joel Transforming Technologies: Penitence and Alchemy in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales
Peacock, Leila Audio Endgames: Narcissism and Failure in Samuel Beckett's Pieces for Radio
Smith, Jenna Spectacular Lesbians: Visual Histories in Winterson, Waters, and Humphreys
Stokes-King, Lisa "Lovely Shapes and Sounds Intelligible": Kristevan Semiotic and Coleridge's Language of the Unconscious
Waisvisz, Sarah Fugitive Rhythms: Re-Imagining, Disaporic Caribbean-Canadian communities in Ramabai Espinet's The Swinging Bridge, Tessa McWatt's Out of My Skin, and Dionne Brand's What We All Long For
Zurbrigg, Terri X=What?: Douglas Coupland, Generation X, and the Politics of Irony
Asano, Naoko "'He Was Himself and yet Not Himself': The Ethics of Empathy in Patricia Highsmith's Ripley Novels"
Ayoub, Dima "The Privilege and the Curse" of the Cosmopolitan Consciousness: Redefining Umma-gined Communicaties in Salman Rushdie's "Midnight's Children" and Ahdaf Soueif's "The Map of Love"
Bernard, Anne A Literary and Critical Analysis of "Resignation"
Bernath, Sarah "'Motherwit and Guts': House of Anansi Press, Canadian Nationalism, and the Collapse of Stoddard Publishing"
Brierley, Johanna "Outside-in Found Poetry"
Damie, Howard 'The Old Rich Dialogue': Leonard Cohen-Jewish Priest, Prophet, Mystic
Ewing, Kristin "For I have Lived Long and Seen Much-": The Development of Merlin in Medieval England and Wales
Kwan, Eleanore Reading Morality in the Financial World in Charles Dickens' Little Dorrit and Anthony Trollope's The Way We Live Now
Leggo, Jeffrey Playing Run Lola Run, Writing Vice City: A Narrative Vocabulary for Videogames
Lofts, Katherine Who Am I/or Who Am I Become?: a Reevaluation of Affect in the Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop and P.K. Page
Loosemore, Phillip Epics of the Empty Continent: Patrick White's Voss and Riders in the Chariot
MacLean, Elizabeth Reading History, Writing Canada: Undoing the Past in The English Patient, The Colony of Unrequited Dreams, and The Englishman's Boy
McDermott, Jennifer The Art of Reading Faces in Shakespeare's Richard III and Macbeth
McDonell, Tavish Misnomers: a Novella
Monks-Leeson, Emily "bearers of the secret wisdom": Visionary Consciousness and the Revaluation of the Sacred as a Modernist Response to War in H.D.'s Trilogy
Omnus, Wiebke Beatrice "Voices of the New World: Second Language Acquisition and Immigrant Languages in Willa Cather's 'Prairie Trilogy'"
Perron, Roland In Laudem Sancti Michaelis: the Irish and Coptic Analogues and the Anglo-Saxon Context
Pokotylo, Heather "The Film Break: Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow, Gilles Deleuze's Cinema, and the Emergence of a New History"
Rose, Margaret Plotting the Networked Self: Cyberpunk and the Future of Genre
Santorelli, Keith Homosexuality and Capitalism in Michael Cunningham's Novels
Thormodsgard, Marie Hybridity in Cooper, Mitchell and Randall: Erasures, Rewritings, and American Historical Mythology
Walsh Morrissey, Jake The Word 'Up So Doun": Plague, Society, and the Discourse of Order in The Canterbury Tales
Weisberg, Noah Failing to 'Make it New': Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, and Antisemitism in Modernist Critical Discourses
Archer, Charles 'Right with Hire Look': Love, Vision, and Certitude in Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde
Boluk, Stephanie The Voyage and the Visionary: the Self as History in Palestine and Louis Riel
Booker, Katherine Subjectivity and the Slippery Slope: Animals, Madness and Mysticism in Medieval Literature"
Boxer, Asa Jason A Dialogics of Enmity: The Search for Purity in Wyndham Lewis's Self Condemned
Coodin, Sara How We Look at Lear: Emotional Response, Moral Spectatorship, and Imaginative Engagement with Fiction
Defoe, Kendall Shakespear-san: Akira Kurosawa and Shakespearean Character on Film
Diachyshyn, Mark Andrew "Diverse Journeys: 'Looking' into Keats's Reading"
Dias, Claire Under his Roof: Father-Daughter Relationships Under Renovation
Dorais, Veronique The Space Between: Creative Cruces in Gwendolyn MacEwen's Poetry and Prose
Fong, Tony Zuckerman Rebound: A Portrait of an American Artist as an Old Man
Hooton, Brett Cymballed in a Special Key: the Uncollected and Unpublished Poetry of Shulamis Yelin
Jain, Anurag The Toys of Desperation: Ezra Pound's Remembrance and Vengeance for the Death of Gaudier-Brzeska
Langston, Jessica "Writing Herself In": Mother Fction and the Female Kunstlerroman
Lennox, John Poetic Attention: the Impressionist Sensibility and the Poetry of John Ashbery
Nolan, Meghan "I Want a Talking Girl!": The Disquieting Presence of Vocal Absence in Mainstream Film
Parker, Brett The Preclusion of Quotation Marks: A Return to Theory through Roland Barthes by Roland Barthes
Thomas, Jennifer Women, Violence, and the Law in Victorian England: Tess of the d'Urbervilles and the Rhetoric of Rape/Seduction
Tretiak, Craig "'What Man Would Not Be a Dancer If He Could': Performativity and History in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian"
Wunker, Erin Borders of Becoming: An Examination into Absence and Desire for Self and Subjectivity in Anne Carson's "Men in the Off Hours" and Gail Scott's "Main Brides"
Wylde, Jacqueline "The Hundredth Psalm to the Tune of 'Green Sleeves'": Theatre, Metrical Psalms and Popular Piety in Early Modern England
Adamian, Stephen Family Values: Filial Piety and Tragic Conflict in Antigone and King Lear
Bellon, Liana Wilde's Decorative Arts: a Study of Painting, Clothing, and Home Décor in the Writings of Oscar Wilde
Falcon, Radu The Autobiographical Eye: Structures of Spectatoship in Ruskin's Praeterita
Grayson, Erik Michael Towards a Postmodern Absurd: the Fiction of Joseph Heller
Hogarth, Victoria Reclaiming Narrative in Douglas Coupland's Fiction
Laar, Kristi Baz Luhrmann's William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet and the Postmodern Carnivalesque
Lhotsky, Lukas Trains, Trauma and The Pegnitz Junction
MacMillan, Murray Henry's Razor: Causality and Historiography in Henry V
Ortiz-Garrett, Laura "What Secret Unions Neighboring Agents make": Feminism, Friendship and Eroticism in the Work of Katherine Philips
Parker, Deonne Haunted Dwellings, Haunted Beings: The Image of House and Home in Allende, MacDonald, and Morrison
Sampson, Robert Incoherence?: A Reading of Two Essays by Mordecai Richler
Staniforth, Jesse "More Brave Than Me: More Blond Than You": Pacificism and the Great War Poetry of Carl Sandburg and E.E. Cummings
Sterbentz, Joanne Technology in the Short Stories of Herman Melville
Sullivan, John Richardson's Lovelace: The Cultural and Literary Origins of Libertinism and the Moral Project in Clarissa
Utter, Shane "An Eco of an Echo": J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth as Elegiac Romance
Allan, Tracie "Civic Use of the Imagination": Politics & Literary Form in Lessing's The Golden Notebook
Bourgeois, David Making Space: The Subversion of Authoritarian Language in Lewis Carroll's Alice Books
Brinder, Marni Aemilia Lanyer: Patronage, Poetry, and the Middle Class in Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum
Dominque, Alexandra Voyage of the Body, Journey of the Soul: Beothius, Eriugena and Anglo-Saxon Verse
Frahar, Julie Re-Mythologizing the Orient: Representations of Eastern Culture in Lady Mary Wortley Montagu's Turkish Embassy Letters
Germaine, Karla Cather, Divas, and Fans
Huculak, John Matthew A Fork in the Road: Gender, Culture, and the Tropes of Travel in M.F.K. Fisher
Kass, Kersti Regarding Henry: Performing Kingship in Henry V
Mader, Corinne Sentimental Strategies: Dynamics of Reader/Text Collaboration in Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin and Jacobs' Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
McCormack, Christopher Cracking the Codes: A Textual and Editorial Examination of John Fante's Literature
Narine, Anil Criminal Identification: Detection in Conrad's Heart of Darkness
Paré, Elaine Edith Wharton and the Travelling Heroine
Photopoulos, Spiridoula "At the Enchanted Metropolitan Twilight": Romance in F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby
Polley, Jason Shakespeare's Hamlet and Psychoanalysis
Reid, Jennifer "Progress and Decay in George Washington Cable's Old Creole Days": Transforming 'Local Color' Traditions
Séguin, Marie-Hélène E.M. Forster's Howards End: Margaret as Liberal Ironist
Shugar, Seth Knowing is Not Enough: Weakness of Will and Self-Deception in Shakespeare's Macbeth
Solomon, John Healded Trywa Wel: the English Christ
Stephenson, Liisa "A Portrait of the Mind's Eye": Writing Beyond Likeness in Modernist Literary Portraits
Valenta, Andrea "'Now I'm Going in For Realities. Appearances Can Go Hang'! Honour, Duty, and Desire – Keeping Up Apearances in L.M. Montgomery"