MISC Brown Bag Series - Prof. Erin Hurley


Published: 28Oct2019

MISC Brown Bag Lecture Series - Session 3 featuring Professor Erin Hurley

The MISC Brown Bag Lecture series is a new project that features McGill and other Montreal-area scholars in the humanities and the social sciences working on research projects about Canada. Our third session will feature Professor Erin Hurley of McGill's Department of English:

“Who Knew? English-language drama and theatre in Québec”

My current research aims to document and analyse the history of English-language theatre in Quebec (1930-2010), an often overlooked minority-language expressive and artistic practice. This sector is interesting not only for its aesthetics and the range of people, venues, institutions, and texts of which it is composed. The story of English-language drama and theatre in Quebec is also compelling for the ways in which it has reflected the changing status and institutional support of anglophone Quebecers. In this talk, I will present some key moments in this history from 1930 to 2000 – including a blockbuster musical produced by McGill students – and highlight the ways in which the changing place and role of this official-minority language group affected its drama and theatre. Such issues occasion a reflection on the role and purpose of theatre in society broadly, and its potential contributions to community vitality more locally.

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