David McPherson (BA 1968)

I am a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst with a private, medicare-based practice in Montreal. Coming from Saint John, NB, I entered McGill in 1964 in the General Arts program. During prolonged rehabilitation after a serious car accident in 1966, I had time to ponder some of the important questions of life: “Who am I? Why am I here? What am I supposed to do?” Under the influence of Professor Archie Malloch, I decided that I could best find answers to these questions by studying English literature. While completing my degree, I was President of the Literary Society; Eleanor Wachtel was Vice-President. After my BA, I completed an MA in English at the University of Toronto with a research paper on James Joyce. I found a position at the CBC as a staff producer for the radio program Ideas. In 1972—still asking questions—I talked my way into medical school and finished my way to an MD while working as a freelancer at the CBC. I did a residency in psychiatry at the New York University-Bellevue Medical Center, then returned to Montreal. I worked for 22 years at the Montreal General Hospital before setting up my private office. Many of my patients tilt toward the younger side: where there is youth, I believe, there is hope.