Room Request Form

Faculty of Engineering Room Requests

Please allow 5 working days for processing.

Failure to follow the instructions below will create delays in room confirmations.

General Room Information

  • Requests MUST be submitted via the Room Request Form; this allows us to maintain a tracking system and to return confirmations upon completion of the room booking. 
  • Only lecture or auditorium classrooms are booked through this room request system.
  • During the start of the Fall and Winter terms requests for non-course related activities will be treated only after the course add/drop deadline due to adjustments being made to the Minerva class schedule.
  • Room requests for non-engineering activities/groups/clubs/associations must be made via McGill’s Events Bookings at McGill.
  • Any Minerva Class Schedule changes are to be sent directly to the Departmental Timetable Coordinator.
  • Instructors must contact [at] to verify software requirements for their course when requesting an EMF lab.
  • If a room is occupied without making an official booking, occupants may be required to leave the room for an official activity.
  • Due to scheduled evening classes, there may be little to no available rooms after 6pm.
  • Food and beverages are NOT permitted in any classroom at any time. If a room is found in disarray after a booking you may be liable for cleaning services.
  • ICS provides a direct phone line in each classroom for technical help with room equipment.
  • Classroom repairs should be reported to the Porter in the respective buildings or by calling 4555.


Room Bookings – General Information for Students in the Faculty of Engineering 

1.  Only EUS affiliated clubs/groups/associations may use this form. The name of the club/group/association must be clearly indicated in the comments field as well as your role and a description of the event.  If you are unsure of your status you must contact EUS for confirmation before submitting your room request.

2.  Student groups may also consider booking a room through EUS, SSMU or the McGill library.

All weekend room requests must be made through Events Bookings at McGill

Please follow procedures at Booking a Lobby