McGill Design Day 2022

Meet the new generation of McGill Faculty of Engineering's designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs creating solutions to real problems on

April 4, 2022

1:15 pm – 4:00 pm

McGill Trottier Building, Wong Building, MacDonald Building, and Leacock Building

McGill Design Day showcases architecture and engineering design projects and celebrates the achievements of our students in the fields of:

  • 3D printing
  • Aerospace IoT & Smart Cities
  • Art & Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automotive
  • Biomedical
  • Biotechnology
  • Gaming
  • Medical Device Design
  • Power & Electricity
  • Robotics
  • Vehicular Technologies

McGill Design Day is free. It is open to the public, bringing together industry professionals, faculty members, students, families, and friends!

Design Day vise à présenter des projets de conception d'ingénierie et de célébrer les réalisations de nos étudiants dans plusieurs domaines tels:

  • Impression 3D
  • Aérospatial IdO & villes intelligentes
  • Art et génie
  • Intelligence artificielle
  • Automobile
  • Biomédical
  • Biotechnologie
  • Jeux vidéo
  • Conception de dispositifs médicaux
  • Énergie et électricité
  • Robotique
  • Technologies véhiculair

McGill Design Day est un événement gratuit et ouvert au public. Bienvenue aux professionnels de l'industrie, aux membres de la faculté de même qu’aux étudiants, familles et amis!

McGill Design Day 2022 at a glance

McGill Desing Day 2022 features over 100 projects in various engineering fields. Check out the complete list of projects by departments below.


BIEN-1: Development of hemostatic sutures for effective bleeding controls
Anne Kyung, Xinyu Wang, Celia Zhu

BIEN-2: Sonified EEG as a Tool for Therapeutic Clowning on Patients with Disorders of Consciousness
Arthur Boschet, Abdullatif Hassan, Kenji Marshall, Brenda Shen

BIEN-3: Engineering Biosynthesis of the Marine Epoxycarotenoid Fucoxanthin in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Lucas Grobon, YeEn Kim, Aaron Krim-Yee, Benjamin Pérez

BIEN-4: Apnea Detection in Infants Using Fusion of ECG, PPG, and Chest/Abdomen Accelerometry Signals
Laura Carlton, Victoria Sturgess, Jasmine Tam

BIEN-5: Development of an On-chip Sample Preparation Module for Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) and Diagnostics
Griffin Copp, Maxwell Furman, Samuel Lasinski, Oren Shapiro

BIEN-6: Development of a Cost-Effective Miniaturized Imaging Box with Microfluidic Sample Delivery System
Matthew Cho, Tristan De Iure-Grimmel, Jordan Legendre, Yao Lu

BIEN-7/MECH 31: Design and Validation of a Minimally Invasive Hallux Valgus Correction System
Luna Hu (BIEN), Shreesh Pande (MECH), Samantha Rocher (BIEN), Nina Strasky (BIEN), Yuling Tang (MECH)

BIEN-8: Unravelling Biosynthetic Steps Involved in Triptolide Pathway using a Synthetic Biology Approach
Tahsin Abedi, Neal Fahey, David Hartal, Asia Vighi

BIEN-9: Development of a Portable, Accessible, and Point-of-Care System for Electrochemical Biosensing
Justin de Vries, Jintong Lin, Houda Shafique, Julia Strauss

BIEN-10/MECH 29: Design of an Intervertebral Disc Bioreactor with Precise Complex Loadings
Devonneke Daley (BIEN), James Kusardi (BIEN), Sara Riad (MECH), Tianxing Zhong (MECH)

BIEN-11: Examining Cell Forces in the Collective Migration of A431 Cells
Alice Delarue, Cynthia Hitti, Yujia Xu, Maryam Youssef

BIEN-12: Cervical Mucus and Uterus Modeling for DOvEEgene
Caterina Panetta, Alisia Mainolfi

Civil Engineering

T-1: Avenue Van Horne Rehabilitation
Tiffany Butler, Sofia Camp, Bingqing Li, Yuchen Wei

T-3B: An Opportunity Study of the North-end of the Jacques Cartier Bridge
Nathan Biao, Talal El-Shehry, Ziqing Han, Daragh McCarthy

W-1: Retrofitting UV Disinfection Technology into an Existing Waste Water Treatment Tank
David Kim, Johanna Pollet, Paola Prado, Holly Watson

W-2: Analyzing the Invisible
Mathieu Perret, Julia Rafferty, Olga Urosevic

W-3: Main St Bridge Replacement Project
Olivia Seamone, Sneha Singh, Sruthi Sudhir

Electrical and Computer Engineering

DP-01: Calculating Impact of Medical Waste on Climate
Zheyan Tu, Hongtao Xu

DP-02: INTEL Graphics Simulator for COMP308
Alixe Delabrousse, Katrina Poulin

DP-04: Implementation of Speech Recognition Machine Learning Model On Embedded Systems
Emmanuelle Coutu-Nadeau, Marie Guertin, Luka Loignon, Christian Martel

DP-05: Deep Learning for New and Enlarging Lesion Segmentation
Musa Javed, Mustafa Javed, Kamal Malik

DP-06: Cell Force Data Analysis and Visualization
Xinyue Chen, Amelia Cui, Bozhong Lu, Yujing Yang

DP-07: Robot 2.5D Simulator
Alba Talelli, Arianit Vavla

DP-08: RF On-Chip Antennas on a Silicon Photonic Platform
Sabrina Chan, Lara Ghanem, Andrea Haniak, Frederick Melanson

DP-09: Heart Rate Detection from Impedance Plethysmography Based on Printed Electrodes
Carlo D'Angelo, Irene Ma, Tainaz Maimuna

DP-10: Design of MEMS Strain Sensor and Electric Circuits for In-Situ Characterizations of Atomically Thin Films
Yikan Liu, Yigeng Sun, Yutong Wang

DP-11: Sensor Data Acquisition and Analysis for Immersive Environments
Angelina Duan, Karl Michel Koerich, Jia Wei Sun

DP-17: Digital Solutions for Patient Pre-consent
Michael Beyrouthy, Mael Mugerwa

DP-18: Design and Implementation of Human-Robot Experiments (HRI) to Study Entrainment Effects of Robots on Humans
Ryan Au, Rakshitha Ravi

DP-19: Stocate Shopping Payment System
George Kandalaft, Mairead Maloney, Elias Tamraz, Narry Zendehrooh

DP-20: Plant Parent Care Application
Rajaa Boukhelif, Catherine Caron

DP-21: Payment and Analytics System for Stocate
Chad Spector, Andrew Ta, Vincent Trinh

DP-22: Haptic-Augmented Footwear and VR Display
Francis Comeau, Kaan Güre, Matteo Nunez

DP-23: Automated Detection of Vulnerabilities in Issue Tracking Systems
Zichen Chang, Kua Chen, Lide Cui, Bokun Zhao

DP-24: McGill Python Circuit Simulator
Valérie Kurdy, Amine Mallek, Sami Rouhana

DP-25: Physician Volunteer Aid Program
Arneet Kalra, Kevin Li, Joyce Tan, Daniel Wu

DP-26: IMAGE Project for the Visually Impaired
Ben Macnaughton, Aidan Williams

DP-27: Calculating the Environmental Impact of Anesthesia
Mostafa Abdelwahab, Veduren Rajaratnam

DP-28: Designing Usability of the Stocate Platform to Reach a Hundred Active Users per Week
Louis Mollick, Alban Moreon

DP-29: Estimation of Leg and Joint Stiffness from Wearable Sensors for In-Field Assessment of Neuromuscular Performance
Joseph Hans Bou Assaf, Marina Chamsi, Celine Nader, Omar-Marc Nuwayhid

DP-30: McGill Frosh App
Sami Junior Kahil, Jimmy Khairallah, Zijin Nie

DP-31: Design of a Fall Detection and Posture Monitoring System
Davide Bartolucci, Chul Jin Kwag, Suhas Udupa

DP-32: Cybersecurity Learning Suite
Antoine Aubet, Luke Barber, Joseph Cotnareanu, Sam Perreault

DP-33: Stocate – Sustainability Score
Yutian Fu, Menglin He, Peiyong Liu, Yoan Eliott Sean Poulmarc’k

DP-34: Visual Product Search
Sami Hilal, Brendan Marks, Brad McBain, Ragheed Qasmieh

DP-35/MECH 18: Automatic Sash Positioning System
Ryan Arndtsen (ECE), Marco Caldarone (ECE), Liqi Fan (MECH), Mfoniso Ikpe (MECH), Caleb Lim (ECE), Talaal Mazhar Shafi (ECE), Arujun Rajan (MECH), Christophe Sabourin (MECH)

DP-36: Aerial Water Delivery Platform/System
Stylianos Mavromatis, Allan Reuben, Hrittick Sarker

DP-37: Web Based Decision Table Editor
Mustafain Ali Khan, Ibrahim Miraj, Talha Riaz, Cyril Saidane

DP-38: Design of a Methodology for the Selection of a Microgrid Energy Storage System
Christopher Flores-Cassista, Jean-Philippe Poulin-Lévesque

DP-41: Microdevice for Trans-epithelial Electrical Resistance Measurements
Andy Li, Zheng Yu Cui

DP-42: McGill SPICE: Transmission Lines
Daniel Aird, David Andelfinger, Yanis Jallouli

DP-44: SmartLab Reservation System
Spencer Handfield, Sean Smith, Yuankang Wei, Kathy Yim

DP-45: Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) for Treating Foot Drop
Parker Brown, Nikhil Jebesh Moses, Elie Ruban

DP-46: Development of an Electromagnetic Tweezer Apparatus for Cell Mechanics Studies
Rahul Bhavesh Dhunnoo, Anya Jesson, Shaun Lalani, Clark Zheng

DP-47: The Quantification of Uncertainty in Class Prediction for Nodes and Graphs
Emile Brûlé-Champagne, Misha Jehangir, Sacha Lévy

DP-48: 3D Visualization for McGill Rocket Team Trajectory Simulations
Jeremy Chow, Trevor Tabah

DP-50: Vision-guided Navigation Assistance for the Visually Impaired
Haluk Calin, Victor Cano, Louca Dufault, Kaustav Das Sharma

HT-01: Deep-Learning based Multi-User Power Allocation in Hybrid Massive MIMO Systems
Mike Wang

HT-02: A Statistical Analysis of the Impact of Structural Denoising on MRI Morphometry
Cameron Butterfield

HT-03: Social Hierarchies in Mobile Robotic Telepresence Use
Cheng Lin

HT-12: An Adaptive Training System for Bioimaging Facilities
Mohamed Youssef Bouaouina

HT-13: Graphene ISFET-based Magnesium Ion Sensor
Khaled Bucheeri

HT-14: Design of a Thermal Actuator Component of a MEMS Device for In-Situ Characterizations of Atomically Thin Films
Aymar Muhikira

HT-16: Partitioning Transformer-based Models across Heterogeneous Resources
Cheng Chen

HT-39: Charge Transport Characterization of Heavily Cs-Doped 2D Materials
Jonathan Sharir-Smith

HT-40: Adversarial TRN-Guided scRNA-seq Simulator
Seyed Yazdan Zinati

Mechanical Engineering

MECH-1: CVT Cooling System
Walid Boury, Rayan Kadir, Nathan Robbins, Zhenbang Wu, Alexandre Younes

MECH-2: Design of the Front Drivetrain System for the McGill Baja Racing 2021 Vehicle
Syed Awais, Benoit Brognaux, Andrei Radu, Nicolas Siriwardhana

MECH-3: Conceptual Design of Cutting-Edge Insertion Methods for Modern Biomedical Sensors
Emma Armony-Fridman, Nour Berrayana, Helen Bitz, William Bouchard

MECH-4: Design and Prototyping of a Dynamic Range of Motion Assessment Tool for the Shoulder
Romi Bonomo, Joshua Itzkotz, Danylo Maxymlyuk, Peter Tserotas

MECH-5: Design and Implementation of State-of-the-art Medical Device MEMS Sensor Interface
Claudio Buonamici, Maneesha Pramodh Karunagoda Kalahe Padikorallage, Cédric Valle-Mena

MECH-6: Design of Automated Paint Distribution System for Intelligent Painting Robot
Lianne Campbell, Constantinos Mavroeidis, Chloë Ryan Luis Sanchez

MECH-7: McGill Formula Electric Front Wing Design
Kamil Benchekroun, Mohamed El Fouhil, Joe Abi Nakhool, Ilyes Wassifi

MECH-8: Design of MEMS Electrostatic Force Actuator for In-Situ Characterization of Atomically Thin Films
Haochen Feng, Miaoyin Li, Zeqi Li

MECH-9: Development of a Natural Energy Powered Ventilator
Rahul Atmanathan, David Brenken, Umut Guven, Ryan McGriskin

MECH-10: In-Vivo Low Profile Percutaneous Tissue Homogenizer
Jose Hernandez, Pierre-Luc Leboeuf, Benjamin Lusterio-Adler, Nina-Marie Martinez

MECH-11: Facility for Studying Multi-piston Dynamics for Magnetized Target Fusion
Majed Abdullah, Omid Ghods, Ahnaf Hossain, Md Wassee ul Hoque

MECH-12: Battery Cooling Design for McGill Formula Electric
Mahin Ar-Rahman, Seung-Hyeok Han, Hansol Ji, Hengliang Xing

MECH-13: Development of a Test Load for Full Body Plethysmography
Tony Jie, Levi Loewn, Steven Tam, Xingye Zhang

MECH-14: Development of a Novel 3D Printer for Direct-Ink-Writing of Nanocomposite
Oluwademilade Ajibola, Natasha Ehsan, Toni Ogunsanya, Zi Xin Zhang

MECH-15: Vehicle Controls System Design
Kattly Li, Louis Lortie, Jeremy Rose, Philippe Voyer

MECH-16: Demonstration of the Q-drive with a UAV: A New Concept in Aerospace Propulsion
William Alves, Shawn Auger, Wesley Bard, Justin Puma

MECH-17: Opsens Guidewire Shaping Tool
Katrina Hamburger, Isabelle Prevost-Aubin, Celine Spothelfer

MECH-18/ECE DP 35: Design and Integration of an Automatic Sash Positioning System
Ryan Arndtsen (ECE), Marco Caldarone (ECE), Liqi Fan (MECH), Mfoniso Ikpe (MECH), Caleb Lim (ECE), Talaal Mazhar Shafi (ECE), Arujun Rajan (MECH), Christophe Sabourin (MECH)

MECH-19A: MedTech Collagen Fabrication Printer
Shirley Huang

MECH-19B: Design and Manufacture of a Prototype 3D Bioprinting Device
Shlesha Van

MECH-20: An In-vitro Testing Platform for Evaluating the Sealing Performance of Adhesive Sealants
Pierre Garrabos, Darcy Malowany, Marie-Soleil Robert, Étienne Sabourin

MECH-21: Clemex Microscope Enclosure
Euan Dumont, Erin Sass, Jasmine Smith, Connor Tetzlaff

MECH-22: Addition of Abdominal Muscles into a Robotic Spine
Benjamin Barrett, Langdon Kay, Claire Shewchuk, Nicole Thoma

MECH-23: Epipen Redesign
Bruce Miles, Stephen Staples, Max Taylor, Vanessa Travisano

MECH-24: Ergonomic Transport Crates for Vintage Microscopes for Indigenous Outreach Program
Nikita Bouttier, Hyemin Kim, Lea Sarouphim Hochar, Jordan Tubman

MECH-25: Oscillating Device for Postural Correction of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Wilfred Mason, Winston Tran, Maxim Vitale, Julia Warren

MECH-26: Aircraft Conversion 1
Walid Boury, Rayan Kadir, Nathan Robbins, Zhenbang Wu, Alexandre Younes

MECH-27: Aircraft Conversion 2
Chris Eimer, Songyue Shi, Owen Wang, Conrad Winton

MECH-25: Oscillating Device for Postural Correction of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Wilfred Mason, Winston Tran, Maxim Vitale, Julia Warren

MECH-28: Design of Next-Generation Carbon Nanotube (CNT)-Based Wafer Cleaning Device
Junwon Hwang, Zongxuan Li, Mingxuan Yang, Lingzhi Zhang

MECH-29/BIEN-10: Design of Intervertebral Disc Bioreactor with Precise Complex Loadings
Devonneke Daley (BIEN), James Kusardi (BIEN), Sara Riad, Tianxing Zhong

MECH-31/BIEN-7: Design and Validation of a Minimally Invasive Hallux Valgus Correction System
Luna Hu (BIEN), Shreesh Pande (MECH), Samantha Rocher (BIEN), Nina Strasky (BIEN), Yuling Tang (MECH)

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