McGill Design Day 2021

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April 8, 2021
11:00am – 3:00pm

Meet the new generation of McGill Faculty of Engineering's designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs creating solutions to real problems.

McGill Design Day showcases architecture and engineering design projects and celebrates the achievements of our students in the fields of:

  • 3D printing
  • Aerospace IoT & Smart Cities
  • Art & Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automotive
  • Biomedical
  • Biotechnology
  • Gaming
  • Medical Device Design
  • Power & Electricity
  • Robotics
  • Vehicular Technologies

McGill Design Day is free. It is open to the public, bringing together industry professionals, faculty members, students, families, and friends!


Design Day vise à présenter des projets de conception d'ingénierie et de célébrer les réalisations de nos étudiants dans plusieurs domaines tels:

  • Impression 3D
  • Aérospatial IdO & villes intelligentes
  • Art et génie
  • Intelligence artificielle
  • Automobile
  • Biomédical
  • Biotechnologie
  • Jeux vidéo
  • Conception de dispositifs médicaux
  • Énergie et électricité
  • Robotique
  • Technologies véhiculair

McGill Design Day est un événement gratuit et ouvert au public. Bienvenue aux professionnels de l'industrie, aux membres de la faculté de même qu’aux étudiants, familles et amis!

McGill Design Day 2021 at a glance

McGill Desing Day 2021 features over 100 projects in various architecture and engineering fields. Check out the complete list of projects by departments and school below. 


ARCH-01: Flying In: A Modern Experience In A Closed-Loop System

ARCH-02: 3d Printing: The Solution In Times Of Crisis?

ARCH-03: Kargi Pods : Reducing Plastic Bottles Waste Through An Innovative And Effective Building Envelope

ARCH-04: Mypod: Adapting To Situational And Individual Needs Through Circular Design

ARCH-05: Carry On: A Biogenic Kit Of Parts Designed For Disassembly

ARCH-06: Growing Buildings: Prioritizing Renewable Materials And Energy In The Built Environment

ARCH-07: The Way Of The Qamutik: Enriching Kuujjuaq Through Waste And Circular Design


BIEN-01: Microfluidic-based Diagnosis of Methicillin- Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA)

BIEN-02: Planning of SARS-Cov-2 VSV vectored-vaccine candidate global production and distribution

BIEN-03: Design Improvements on a Robotic Spine

BIEN-04: Quantifying Cellular Forces with Deep Learning

BIEN-06: Designing a Web Interface for Sequence Function Inference

BIEN-07: Design of a degradation model for mechanical testing of equinearticular cartilage tissue for osteoarthritis testing applications

BIEN-08: Global Production and Distribution of SARS-CoV-2 RBD

BIEN-09: Engineering a Biomedical Diagnostic Device for the Direct Detection of Pathogens

BIEN-11: Improving the attachment mechanism of closed-suction surgical drains

BIEN-12: Engineering an efficient yeast chassis for production of cannabinoids

Chemical Engineering

CHEE-01: Biotransformation of Ferulic Acid into Vanillin via Amycolatopsis: A Nature-Inspired Substitute for Vanilla Pods

Electrical and Computer Engineering

ECSE-DP01: Designing an app to match and track patients and volunteer hospital navigators at St. Mary’s Hospital in Montreal

ECSE-DP02: Video Text Retrieval System

ECSE-DP03: Static and Dynamic Malware Analysis and Classification

ECSE-DP04: One-Stop Shop Application for Caregivers

ECSE-DP05: Cell Forces Data Analysis Suite

ECSE-DP06: Design and Construction of an MRI Compatible Foot Heating Device

ECSE-DP07: Machine Learning Deployment Pipeline Optimization

ECSE-DP08: Deep Clustering

ECSE-DP09: STM32 IoT Smart Alert System

ECSE-DP10: Graphical User Interface for Film Analysis Software

ECSE-DP11: Educational Mobile App for Type 1 Diabetes Patient

ECSE-DP12: Virtual Circuits Lab

ECSE-DP13: Centralized Intelligent Coordination of Multiple Robots

ECSE-DP14: An RNA Bioinformatics Platform to Accelerate Biomedical Research

ECSE-DP15: Haven-AI Benchmark

ECSE-DP16: Machine Learning Techniques Circuit Modelling

ECSE-DP17: Identifying Penalties in Hockey Videos

ECSE-DP18: Microcontrollers for Capturing Fencing Point System

ECSE-DP19: Imaging System for Navigation Assistance for the Visually Impaired

ECSE-DP20: Building a Scalable Web App for Stocate

ECSE-DP21: RNA Bioinformatics Platform to Accelerate Biomedical Research

ECSE-DP22: Frozen Pizza Production Line Controls Upgrade

ECSE-DP23: IoT Infrastructure Architecture – With More Immersive Experience

ECSE-DP24: Acoustic Monitoring of Neonatal Respiration: Signal Processing and Machine Learning

ECSE-DP25: Touchless Retail Experiences

ECSE-DP26: Prometheus Integrated AI Simulation

ECSE-DP27: Summarize Me

ECSE-DP28: MedicAll

ECSE-DP29: League of Legends Supervised Learning - “DodgeBot”

ECSE-DP30: A facility to link researchers and health care professionals

ECSE-DP31: Deep Learning in Quantifying Cellular Forces

ECSE-DP32: Stocate II

ECSE-DP33: Haptic Dance Shoes

ECSE-DP34: Development of an Android app for a local startup (Fygo)

ECSE-DP35: Machine Learning App Builder

ECSE-DP36: Convolutional Neural Networks for Computer Vision Aided Quality Assurance in the Food Industry

ECSE-DP38: MyMeter: Body Measurement Analysis for Online Shopping

ECSE-DP40: McGill Python SPICE

ECSE-DP41: Blockchain in Healthcare - Requirements and Specifications

ECSE-DP44: IoT Infrastructure Architecture with Amazon’s Ecosystem

ECSE-DP45: Connectivity Patterns Visualization in Brainstorm

ECSE-DP46: Avionics System of High Altitude Balloon

ECSE-DP48: Sensors for the Acoustic Monitoring of Neonatal Respiration

ECSE-DP50: Data Visualization and Social Distancing

ECSE-DP55: A Facility to Link Researchers and Health Care Professionals

ECSE-DP56: Greenification of a remote mine

ECSE-DP57: Modular Solar Station

ECSE-DP58: Mixed-Reality Platform for Simulation and Synthesis of Multi-Modal Hallucinations with Applications to Schizophrenia Treatment

ECSE-DP60: QuadFalcon AYS

ECSE-HT01: Analog RF Self-Interference Canceller for In-Band Full-Duplex MIMO Systems

ECSE-HT02: Dynamic Power Cap and Regenerative Braking Control in a Formula Style Electric Racing Car

ECSE-HT03: Implementation of a Lock-In Amplifier for UV PCR Tests

ECSE-HT05: Polynomial Chaos Techniques for Uncertainty Quantification

ECSE-HT07: Multichannel Real-Time Plasmonic PCR with UV Detection

ECSE-HT08: Multichannel Real-Time Plasmonic Polymerase Chain Reaction with UV Detection

ECSE-HT11: ZeroWaste

Mechanical Engineering

MECH-01: Oceanic Drifter Deployment/Acquisition

MECH-02: Small Scale Fluidised Bed for Powder Treatment and Powder Separation

MECH-03: Suspension Design for Baja SAE

MECH-04: Drivetrain Design for Baja SAE

MECH-05: Decoupled Roll & Heave Suspension Actuation System

MECH-06: Design of a Brake Dynamometer to Assist in Brake Rotor & Pad Material Selection

MECH-07: Design of inverter cold plate for FSAE electric race car

MECH-08: Aerospace Composites Recycling Prototype

MECH-09: Autonomous Train Testbed

MECH-10: Shrink Wrapper Machine Improvement

MECH-11: Freehand Orthopedic Targeting System

MECH-12: Special Seating Project for People with Disabilities

MECH-13: Design Improvements on a Robotic Spine - Mech. Eng. Students

MECH-14: Expandable Balloon Separator

MECH-15: AccuTrack: Guidewire Position Tracking Device Attached to Catheter

MECH-16: Oscillating Appliance for Postural Correction of TMJ Disorders and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

MECH-17: BluBand: Glucose Sensor Transmitter for People with Diabetes

MECH-18: Design and Development of a Compact Blood Recirculation Assisted Oxygenator

MECH-19: Green Powered Mechanical Ventilator

MECH-20: Design Upgrade for a Pediatric Endotracheal Tube Holder

MECH-21: Lattice Metamaterial Component Development

MECH-22: Multimodal Haptic Armrest

MECH-23: 3D Printed Tactile Illusions Design and Evaluation

MECH-24: Design and Development of a Wearable Percussion Device Aimed at Stimulating Muscles

MECH-25: Design Improvements on a Robotic Spine - Bioeng. Students

MECH-26: Synchronization of Drive Pistons for Magnetized Target Fusion

MECH-27: A Fast Deployable Self-Expandable Portable Flood Barrier

MECH-28: Design of Manufacturable Electrochemical Cell Test Rigs for Testing Batteries

MECH-29: COVID-19 Rapid Diagnostic Platform Utilizing Ultralow-Cost, Electricity-Free Centrifugation

MECH-30: Improved Surgical Drain

MECH-31: Optimization of Cryobiopsy Accessory Fabrication

MECH-32: Bladeless Fan

MECH-33: Design of a Spinning LIDAR for Autonomous Drone Mapping


McGill Design Day 2021 Project Abstracts

Interested to learn more about the projects? Check out the project abstracts in the McGill Design Day 2021 Brochure.

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