Design Day 2019

McGill Design Day

Design Day promises to amaze you with the creativity and ingenuity of our students. This event is aimed at showcasing engineering design projects and celebrating the achievements of our students in the fields of:

3D Printing
Artificial Intelligence
Renewable Energy

and more!

McGill Design Day is a free event and is open to the public, bringing together industry professionals, faculty members, students, families and friends!

Venez rencontrer la nouvelle génération d'ingénieurs, d'innovateurs et d'entrepreneurs de McGill qui présentent des solutions ingénieuses à des problèmes actuels. Design Day promet de vous surprendre avec la créativité et l'ingéniosité de nos étudiants!

Cet événement vise à présenter des projets de conception d'ingénierie et de célébrer les réalisations de nos étudiants dans plusieurs domaines tels :

Impression 3D
Intelligence artificielle
Énergies renouvelables

et plus encore!

McGill Design Day est un événement gratuit et ouvert au public – Bienvenue aux professionnels de l'industrie, aux membres de la faculté de même qu’aux étudiants (incl. futurs et anciens), familles et amis!




New Residence Hall
3625 Ave du Parc
Montreal, QC H2X 3P8

Thursday April 4, 2019
1:00PM - 5:00PM

More Info
careers4engineers [at]

New Residence Hall
3625 Ave du Parc
Montreal, QC H2X 3P8

jeudi, 4 avril 2019
13H00 à 17H00

careers4engineers [at]


Mechanical Engineering


Design of rear-mounted aerodynamics device for an FSAE electric race car


Structural design of a nano-satellite with structural FEA optimization


Skate Blade testing fixture


Helicopter simulation and deep reinforcement learning


Automation of nitinol tube sandblast


Design and production of a haptic torque handle for a virtual reality surgical spine simulator


SAE Aero Design – Micro Class


A fast-deployable portable flood barrier


Optimization of a Self-sample collection device for cervical cancer


Dynamic wind tunnel facility


AGILE MV- Wire stripper


Solar drone


B-Temia -Shoe Fixture for EXOskeleton


iT servers robotic assembly cell


Design of a Flow circulatory mockup for a novel left ventricular assist device


Diamond Eye™ laser stimulation system


Design of an intrauterine sample collection device


Design of a planar parallel robot for inertia-parameter identification of a rigid body


Water-based morphing wing system


Facility for testing light sails for interstellar flight


Vogi 2.0: Design/build a passively coupled tilet rotor VTOL UAV


Design of a rotary table with integrated push-pull actuator for Gantry manipulator of moble robotic platform


Design of a new diagnostic device for muscle pain and disorders – a biocompatible, handheld, reversible pressure pump


Rocket body tube alignment tool and drill press


Computational soft robot design exploration


Broomball stick manufacturing


Rotor/Stator Flow Apparatus for Magnetized Target Fusion


Rebox Box Cutter


Conception d’une base vibrante pour un bol a triage


Rocket engine pintle propellant injector


Design and assembly of a robotic spine V2


Suspension design for Baja SAE


Drivetrain design for Baja SAE


Nose cone for 30k ft sounding rocket


Development of a control system for a FSAE electric race car

Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering

DP01 Machine Learning Techniques for Tumour Deconvolution
DP02 Schematic to Netlist Generator using Machine Learning
DP03 Corporate Website for Social Startup Turbodega
DP03 Corporate Website for Social Startup Turbodega
DP04 Virtual Banker
DP05 Woosh!
DP06 Portfolio Investment Analytics System
DP07 Appearance Filtering for Specular Materials in Computer Graphics
DP08 Prediction of Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) Occurences Using a Combined CNN-LSTM Neural Network Architecture
DP09 Graduate Attribute Reporting System (GARS)
DP10 VROOM Modular Sensors
DP11 Can Duplicate Posts on Stack Overflow Benefit the Software Development Community?
DP12 PickActs: Reusable Decision Maker Module for AI Agents in Computer Games and Simulations with Engine Integration
DP13 Digitalization of Small Stores
DP14 Artificial Muscle Actuation
DP15 Trackable Smart Glasses for Activity Monitoring
DP16 Solar Drone Power Management
DP17 Design of a New Networking Module Using TI CC1352P
DP18 Mac Layer Implementation and Evaluation Platform for Wireless Body Area Networks
DP19 Personalized Affective Technology Design for BioMusic
DP20 Bank on Voice
DP21 Extending the Oncology Patient Application (Opal) Questionnaire Module
DP21 Extending the Oncology Patient Application (Opal) Questionnaire Module
DP22 Head and Neck Cancer Risk Analyser
DP23 RCS Based Inkjet Printed Chipless RFID for Humidity Sensing
DP24 Options for a Submarine Transmission Grid in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
DP25 Yupp iPad App
DP26 A Smart Home-Based Package for Unobtrusive Measurement of Physiological Signals
DP27 UmpleBot
DP28 VIATRA Graph Generator as a Service
DP29 An Embedded Controller for Brushless DC Motor in Low-Weight Robotic Applications
DP30 Development of Software Tools for Brain Tissue Type Identification in Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy
DP31 Anomaly Detection for Industrial Big Data Using Machine Learning
DP32 Design and Construction of a Miniature Fibre Optic Shock Wave Detection Probe Using a Triboluminescent Material
DP33 Event-Based Prediction of Stock Trading Prices Using Machine Learning
DP34 BuildMedic for Gradle
DP35 Camera Creation and Player Tracking in Video Games Through Clustering
DP36 Optimizing MR Imaging Using Non-Invasive Motion Tracking
DP37 Matlab-Based MOSFET Simulation
DP37 Matlab-Based MOSFET Simulation
DP38 JAMScript
DP39 Autonomous Vehicle Cooperation and Communication
DP40 Converting Design Mockups to HTML Code
DP41 Remote Glucose Monitoring System for A Summer Diabetes Camp
DP42 Soccer Matches Analysis
DP43 Wearable Movement Sensors
HT01 Investigating Fluorophlogopite Mica as Replacement for Hexagonal Boron Nitride in High Performance Transistors
HT02 Generating Adversarial Self-Driving Scenarios in High Fidelity Simulators
HT03 Deep Lesion Detection Leveraging Uncertainty in Multiple Sclerosis MRI
HT04 Microwave Monitoring of Breast Tissues
HT05 A Proposal for Non-Volatile Memory Implementation on Object Recognition
HT06 Deep Learning for Lighting Simulations
HT07 Speeding up Numerical Methods using Neural Network Preconditioning
HT08 Experimental Implementation of H-Infinity-Optimal Strictly Positive Real Parallel Feedforward Control
HT09 Monolithic Graphene-Quartz Piezoelectric Device for Acoustic Application
HT10 Prometheus AI Integration
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