Design Day 2018


Design Day promises to amaze you with the creativity and ingenuity of our students. This event is aimed at showcasing engineering design projects and celebrating the achievements of our students in the fields of 3D Printing, Aerospace, Artificial Intelligence, Renewable Energy, Robotics, Biomedical and more!

McGill Design Day is a free event and is open to the public, bringing together industry professionals, faculty members, students, families and friends!


New Residence Hall
3625 Ave du Parc
Montreal, QC  H2X 3P8

Thursday April 5, 2018
1:00PM - 4:00PM

More Info: careers4engineers [at]

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Venez et rencontrez la nouvelle génération d'ingénieurs, d'innovateurs et d'entrepreneurs de McGill qui présentent des solutions ingénieuses à des problèmes existant. Design Day promet de vous surprendre avec la créativité et l'ingéniosité de nos étudiants!

Cet événement vise à présenter des projets de conception d'ingénierie et de célébrer les réalisations de nos étudiants dans les domaines de l'impression 3D, l'aérospatiale, l'intelligence artificielle, l'énergie renouvelable, la robotique, biomédicale et plus encore!

McGill Design Day est un événement gratuit et ouvert au publique, réunissant des professionnels de l'industrie, des membres du faculté, des étudiants, des familles et des amis!


New Residence Hall
3625 Ave du Parc
Montreal, QC  H2X 3P8

jeudi, 5 avril 2018
13H00 à 16H00

Info: careers4engineers [at]

Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering

DP01 Outdoor Scene Mapping with LiDARM
DP02(HT) Storage Optimization and Objects Classification Data Processing of Hyperspectral Imaging for Precision Agriculture Applications
DP03 Creating a real time storyline engine for an adventure game
DP04 The design of sensors for a smart, low cost waste bin
DP06 MATLAB-Based Circuit Simulator
DP07(HT) World-wide electric vehicle charging station database
DP08(HT) FPGA-Based Proxy Module Against CAN Bus Masquerade Attack
DP09 Speech-to-text project
DP10 Smoothing for 3D Models Created Using Segmented Image Data
DP11 Electric power systems of a 1U Cubesat with camera payload
DP12 Detecting and tracking the puck in hockey broadcast videos
DP13 Energy retrofit options for McGill's Faculty of Law building
DP14 Low-Power RF Breast Health Screening
DP15 Wireless Self-Powered Sensor Node Network
DP16(HT) Investigating the Relationship Between Variability and Installed Wind Capacity of a System
DP17 Homographic transformations in hockey
DP18 Portal
DP19 Automated generation of graph models
DP20(HT) Wearable haptics
DP21(HT) Modeling platform for a Hyperflex Optical Booster (HOB)
DP22 Kinesthetic Information Sensing
DP23 Picking Winners for Fantasy Basketball with Machine Learning
DP24 Annotating Hockey Events in Hockey Broadcast Video Using Dynamic Images
DP25 User-driven data labeling: Integrating intelligence into biomusic
DP26(HT) Local Field Potentials as Backpropagation Signals
DP27 Speech Recognition on an Embedded System
DP28 Real-world Object Recognition via Smartphone
DP29 G2torial
DP30 Altitude Determination Control System (ACDS) for a 6U CubeSat
DP31 Wind Data Analysis: Power Curve Modelling of Wind Turbines
DP33 Crime Avoidance Navigation System
DP34(HT) Investigations on the Photoelectrochemical Reduction of Carbon Dioxide on III-Nitride Nanowire Surfaces Modified by Non-Noble Metal Co-Catalysts
DP35 Investigating Software Build Process through Developer-IDE Interaction Data
DP36(HT) Low-power and low-noise filter for scalable cryogenic systems
DP37 Accessible Mobile Menu
DP38 Power System Design for a Solar Powered Drone
DP40 Solar Autonomous Drone Communications
DP41 Simulink Implementation of a Single Frequency GPS Receiver
DP42(HT) Hardware Development for Ultrasound Piezo Sensors in Medical Applications
DP43 Artificial Muscle Actuation
DP44 Heart rate variability in preterm infants
DP45 Live Performance Monitoring System
DP46 Modeling of Resource Availability for Dynamic Computing Clusters
DP48(HT) Electro-optic Polymer Modulator (EOPM)
DP49 Optimization of Mixed-Source, Storage-Capable Power Generating Systems
DP50(HT) Multi-Objective Optimisation for Machine Learning with OPAL (Ordinary People Accelerating Learning)
DP51 An empirical study of Autocomplete in Integrated Development Environments
DP52 Passive RFID Humidity Sensor Tag
DP53 Design of a Photogrammetry-Based 3D Scanner
DP54 Annotating Hockey Events in Hockey Broadcast Videos
DP55 Wine recommender
DP56 Operating Device for an ISFET Graphene Based pH Sensor
DP57(HT) Analog Realization of Neural Networks For Mobile Processing
DP58 Autour Deep Learning Data Pipeline
DP59 Spectrally Efficient Frequency-Division Multiplexing: Key to 5G
DP60 Signal Processing Implementation of MMSE and ZF Receivers for Spectrally Efficient Frequency Division Multiplexing

Mechanical Engineering

M01 Off-Grid Carbonization Machine
M02 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Deployment from a Tethered Balloon
M03 Design of a Shredding and Squeezing Machine
M04 Design of a Prototype Morphing Wing System
M05 A Fast-Deployable and Portable Flood Barrier M06 Croup-Stop
M07 Atmospheric Water Generator
M08 Design of a Battery Modulue for the New Generation of Electric Delivery Truck
M09 Off-Grid Briquetting Machine
M10 Transmission Temperature Jig and Cooling for Baja SAE
M11 Optimized Continuously Variable Transmission For An Off Road Racecar
M12 Backpack Sample Holders for X-Ray Diffractometer Disk Sample Changer
M13 Homogenization and topology optimization for lattice structures with a focus on Digital Light Synthesis (DLS)
M14 Croup-Stop
M15 Components for a Robotic Home Appliance
M16 Components for a Robotic Home Appliance
M17 Conversion of a Commercial Turbocharger into an External-Combustion Heat Engine
M18 Solar Ag-Drone (Solar Powered UAV)
M19 Atmospheric Water Generator
M20 Cost effective, realistic lung model with variable lung compliance and variable airway resistance for use with patient simulator
M21 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Deployment from a Tethered Balloon
M22 Real Time Synchronous Cylinder Pressure for a Formula SAE Dynamometer
M23 Variable-Friction Surface Mechanism
M24 Conception and Assembly of a robotic human spine
M25 Cell Incubation Chamber for Microscopy
M26 Hybrid Rocket Engine Development
M27 Reagent filling of microreactors
M28 Portable Dialysis Unit
M29 SAE Aero Design - Micro Class
M30 Railcar Specialty Product Made From Advanced Composite Material
M31 Efficient Cooling System for Plasmonic Thermocycler
M32 Design of a Battery Modulue for the New Generation of Electric Delivery Truck
M33 Baja Drivetrain
M34 CubeSat Payload Frame and Ejection Development
M35 Plastic recycler for 3D printing filament
M36 Using Odour to Reduce People-Elephant Conflict
M37 McGill Robotics Mars Rover Steering Systems
M38 Design of a Prototype Morphing Wing System
M39 Instrument-Free Thermocycler for Polymerase Chain Reaction
M40 Front Aerodynamic Device Design Via Surfacing and Numerical Optimization Methods For A Formula SAE Vehicle
M41 Wheel assembly of in-hub motor drive configuration for Formula SAE prototype
M42 Vacuum Clamping Device

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