Design Day 2017

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Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering Projects

DP01 Low Power LED Light array for Portable Reflectance Capture
DP02 A Dynamic Display for Public Pixel-Art Exhibits
DP03 Minecraft HDL
DP04 The Impact of the Adoption of Continuous Integration on Developer Attraction and Retention
DP05 Community Radio Station Show Log Tool and Live Information Service
DP06 High-Performance Digital Musical Synthesis using Arrow SoC
DP07 Electromyographic Music
DP08 Soccer Frontier Backend Services
DP09 Wireless Sensor System Using Printed Electronics and Flexible Substrates
DP10 McGill Formula Electric Vehicle Controller Design, Build & Implementation
DP11 Soccer Frontier FrontEnd
DP12 Vehicular cloud testbed
DP13 Acoustically Responsive Actuators
DP14 CAD for Print Electronic Applications
DP15 Printable passive chipless RFID for low cost humidity sensing
DP16 Statistical Characterization of Renewable Energy Generation Dynamics
DP17 Development of a Next Generation Electric Motor for the Electric Vehicle Market
DP18 CAN Crypto Processor
DP19 Building A Low Power LED Light Array For Portable Reflectance Capture
DP20 Print Electronic Component Evaluation
DP21 Real-time video processing for visual training
DP22 Design of an RFID Interactive Digital Signage System
DP23 Developing a mobile platform for physiological detection of emotional states
DP24 Communication System for a 1U CubeSat
DP25 Low Power Bluetooth Communication for Closed-loop Glucose Regulation in Type 1 Diabetes
DP26 VR Game to Improve Human Response Time to Peripheral Events
DP27 GradLounge: A web¬-based academic collaboration platform for McGill students
DP28 Designing and Implementing a Framework of a Software Package for Data Analysis in Biomedical Scientific Brain Research
DP29 Neuroscience Operant Chamber
DP30 GradLounge
DP31 An Empirical Study of the Personnel Overhead of Continuous Integration
DP32 Emotion classification through machine learning using psychological signals gathered on a mobile platform
DP33 Life Models for Smart Cyber-Physical Systems
DP34 Application of machine learning to the segmentation of biological images
DP35 EPark Network Remote Control System
DP37 Neurogaming to improve brain health of patients with learning disabilities
DP38 Head Tracking Using Electric Fields in the MRI: Simulation and the Limits of Resolution
DP39 Haptic Shoes
DP40 GPS based replacement for magnetic compass on quadcopters
DP42 CrazyFlie Quadrotor Augmentation for Automation
DP44 Residential Optimization of Energy Usage
DP45 Procedural Exploration Game on Unity3D Engine
HT01 Multi-Target Tracking and Mapping for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
HT02 Wireless sensor system using printed electronics and flexibles substrates
HT03 Automated music transcription for guitar
HT04 Training a Robot Photographer from Human Demonstrations
HT05 Where is the Hockey Puck?
HT06 Neural Networks Designing Neural Networks: Design Space Exploration of RNNs
HT08 GPU Accelerated Realistic Image Synthesis Engine
HT09 Image-based environment description
HT10 Improving the Quality of Physiological Signals Recorded by Wearable Devices
HT13 Graph Layout Algorithm in Matlab
HT14 Hardware implementation of Multiprocessor Mixed-criticality Systems

Mechanical Engineering Projects

M01 Transcatheter Aorta Pulmonary Shunt Design
M02 Development of a Novel Tissue Suturing Method for Surgical Applications
M03 Design of the Bionics Vision Glasses' Externals
M04 Design of a Suspension System for the McGill Robotics Mars Rover Team
M05 Development of Non-Pyrotechnic Rocket Separation Mechanism
M06 Attitude Control of Nano-Satellites Using Magnetorquers
M07 Self-Aligning Angle Tools in Drilling Application of Aerospace Structures
M08 Three Degree of Freedom Compliant Tool for Robotized Polishing of Aerospace Structures
M09 2017 SAE Aero Design Competition – Micro Class
M10 AIAA Design Competition: Light Business Jet Family
M11 Dispersion System for Study of Flames in Particulate Suspensions in a 2-D Channel
M12 Custom Drivetrain Assembly for an Off-Road Racecar
M13 Custom Brake Calipers for Baja SAE
M14 Manipulator for an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
M15 Transmission Temperature Jig and Cooling for Baja SAE
M16 Composite Wheel Shell Design for FSAE Car
M17 Optimized Continuously Variable Transmission For An Off-Road Racecar
M18 Implementation of Accumulator Cooling for McGill Electric Racecar
M19 Wheel Assembly Design for McGill Formula Electric
M20 The Coupling of TEGs and Heat Pipes to Make Electricity from Waste Heat
M21 A Simplified Fruit and Ingredient Ice Cream Feeder
M22 Turntables and Kit Trays Return System
M23 Automated Burning Rack:
M24 Case Erector and Sealer and Articulated Handling Arm
M25 Art Machines
M26 CSME National Design Competition
M27 Lattice Structure Optimization for Specific Heat Dissipation
M28 Solar Light Transportation
M29 Low Temperature Power Generation

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