Transfer Credits

Newly admitted students should review the Transfer Credit for Newly Admitted Students website for information about transfer credits and exemptions.


  • Students must be in satisfactory standing at the University.
    • Minimum grade requirement must be obtained.  For transfer credit policy, please see the Calendar.
  • Courses must be passed with a grade of C or higher (courses graded C-, P or S will not be considered).
  • If both the letter grade and numerical grade are represented on the transcript, the letter grade will take precedence.
  • Students should note that a minimum of 60 credits completed at McGill University are required for a McGill degree. If you are completing a B.Eng. or B.S.E. degree, half of your program must be completed at McGill. The number of transfer credits granted can therefore not exceed 50% of the total credits for your program. Note that the total credits for your program includes those associated with the Required Year 0 (Freshman) courses. If you are completing the B.Sc.(Arch.) degree, the number of transfer credits granted will be limited to ensure that you complete a minimum of 60 credits of courses at McGill taken to satisfy your degree requirements, excluding those taken to satisfy the Required Year 0 (Freshman) courses listed in your program.
  • For universities outside of Quebec, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that an official transcript is sent from the host institution to the McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC) by the deadlines below.
  • Students must complete the Request_for_Transfer_Credit_Form [pdf] and have the courses approved by their departmental advisor (if applicable) and a Faculty Advisor (MESC) prior to taking the course.
  • Note: Transfer credits are viewable under the term they were completed and calculated toward the total credits for your degree.
  • Note: Failed courses taken outside McGill will be represented on your transcript, however, they will not be calculated in your GPA nor will a mark appear.

What Courses are Eligible?

  • Unless you are participating in the Student Exchange Program, Engineering students are permitted to take any Freshman (UO) or General Complementary (Impact or Humanities and Social Sciences) courses outside of McGill. Students not on an official exchange can also take up to 6 credits of courses toward a minor (provided that the course[s] is being used only toward the minor or is being used toward both the minor and the Complementary Studies/Elective requirement) outside McGill.  
  • Please consult the McGill University Basic Math and Sciences Equivalence Table for course equivalencies at other institutions.
  • Students must verify the Accreditation Unit (AU) conversion for the course they are planning to take prior to seeking approval. General complementary courses must be a minimum of 39 AUs. Please see your departmental advisor for departmental AU course evaluation.
  • AU Calculation Formula: [# lecture hours × # semester weeks] + [(# lab + tutorial hours ÷2) × # semester weeks]
  • Courses that do not have direct McGill course equivalences are indicated using generic or specific subject codes (ex. SOCI 3XX).

What to do Next (checklist for students)

  • Verify that the course you wish to take is offered at the host institution and that they accept visiting students.
  • Complete the Exchange / Study Away Course Approval form [pdf].
  • Ensure that you have calculated the number of Accreditation Units (AUs) for each course requested.
  • Attach detailed course outlines (including class schedule or number of lecture hours) for the courses you have requested.
  • Complete the Minerva Study Away Application and online Course Approval and Transfer Credit form: Student Menu > Exchange/Study Away Menu > Request for Study Away. 
  • If your list contains required courses, bring the completed Request for Transfer Credit form and course outlines to your departmental advisor for approval.
  • For Freshman U0 and General Complementary courses, please submit the Request for Transfer Credit form and course syllabus to the MESC Office for approval by a Faculty Advisor.
  • Once approved, you will be notified via email and a “term away” designation will be added to your record.
  • Upon completion of the course, ensure that your Official Transcript is send directly to MESC (deadlines below).
  • Your transfer credits will be processed by MESC once your Official Transcript is received.
  • To view if and how the courses are being used to satisfy your program requirements you should review you degree evaluation record.  For more information on this tool see:  Degree Evaluation


    The following are the deadlines by which MESC requires your Official Transcript from the Host Institution. Failure to meet these deadlines may result in the course not being represented on your record. If you are concerned that your host institution will not meet these deadlines, please contact the MESC office as early as possible.

    If you took a course at another institution during the:

    • Fall Semester: Official Transcripts must be received by January 15.
    • Winter Semester: Official Transcripts must be received by May 15.
    • Summer Semester: Official Transcripts must be received by September 15.


    More Information

    Please contact the McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC) if you have any questions:
    McGill Engineering Student Centre (MESC)
    Student Affairs Office, Career Centre, Peer Tutoring Services
    3450 University Street, FDA 22
    Montreal, Quebec H3A 2A7
    information [at] (Email)