Funding for Researchers

Funding for Researchers


Research funding is categorized in the following ways:

  1. Research Grant:
    some or all of the funding is obtained from a public sector organization
  2. Research Contract:
    funded solely by industry.
  3. Industrial Research Chairs (IRCs):
    a company can work closely with an academic researcher.

For industrial sponsors, the first two approaches will give different rights to intellectual property and will have different levels of indirect research costs associated with them.

Upcoming Research Funding Opportunities

Researchers may sign up for automatic email funding alerts from three listservs targeted to your research interests: Natural Sciences and Engineering / Social Sciences and Humanities / Health Sciences
To subscribe or unsubscribe to these listservs, please see: Funding Alerts

Upcoming Grant Deadlines

2016 Deadlines - excel file has been sorted by Agency Deadline.

File funding_opportunities_deadlines.xlsx

Open Date Competitions (no deadline).

File open_date_funding_opportunities.xlsx