TechAccel Grantees

2019 TechAccel Summer Grantees:

The Sweater Guys Custom printed for the 21st century. Simply the sexiest sweater ever created. Designed by artists and refined by engineers, you won't want to take it off... Ever.
At Rokulo, we are focused on deploying innovative machine learning and drone technologies to help mining companies of all sizes optimize their entire comminution process - from ore extraction, to truck transport, to mineral processing and finally recovery.
BaseDash is the ultimate collaborative database tooling platform for tech companies. View and edit data with beautiful UI-based workflows and share insights with your teammates instantly. BaseDash replaces traditional database clients with a modern, collaborative web app. Simply the best way to manage data for teams.


Our social venture is focusing on renewable energy specifically biogas for home use. The project aims at providing bio-digesters to rural Zimbabwe families at an affordable price. The bio-digesters will mainly use animal excreta and food waste. The bio-digesters will be small units so that each homestead can have its own and each homestead will be taught how to properly operate and maintain it.


A portable and affordable brain scanner for point-of-care diagnosis in ambulances, sports fields, field hospitals, and homes.

The EngInE is pleased to acknowledge the student teams who have received funding via our TechAccel grants in previous years:

DawaSwift is a secure web (& mobile-app)-based platform that incorporates shipping of medical supplies to patients and health institutions, in real-time, and is hinged on the combined Uber-Amazon model, in Kenya and potentially to other countries. We intend to use drones to reach out to emergency medical situations after few months of launch following the government of Kenya’s recent (2018) legalization of use of commercial drones.
Inti Aerospace believes in releasing the world from the restrictions of battery powered flight, using the latest solar technology. A clean sheet design process has allowed us to develop an optimized UAV with unbeatable surveying performance. We appreciate your patience whilst we try to build a great product and look forward to sharing it with you in August 2018. The team is comprised of three members: Elie Bou-Gharios, CEO, BEng 2018, Mechanical Engineering, Callaghan Wilmott, CTO, BEng 2018, Mechanical Engineering, and Mathew Morgan, COO, BEng 2018, Mechanical Engineering.
UCrea's mission is to enable teams to create through additive manufacturing by providing them with the quality tools and services they need to bring their ideas to life. The team is comprised of six members: Ethienne Racine, BEng 2018, Mechanical Engineering, Sebastian De Cabrol, BCom 2018, Strategic Management with an International Business concentration, Isabel Moreno, BCom 2018, Accounting with a Managing for Sustainability concentration and a minor in French, Ammar Masood Khan, BCom 2019, Marketing with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Data Analytics, Maneesha Pramdh Karunagoda, a first-year BEng student, and Adam Martino.

UV LED Curing System

The goal of this company is to create a for-profit business that brings a safe, reliable, and cost-efficient solution to curing UV activated resins used in the manufacturing of wooden instruments. The team is comprised of two members: Mariane Kim, BEng 2018, Electrical Engineering, and Justin Ye, BEng 2018, Electrical Engineering.


At DomeAge, we thrive to provide outdoor lovers with  the opportunity to experience nature in a new and unique way. Our modular construction kits easily transform into safe and beautiful geodesic domes that make your stay unforgettable.


SokoMtaani is a for-profit social enterprise that leverages already established mobile technology to provide a virtual marketplace for manufacturers and retailers in the sub-saharan market. Making it easier for local retailers to acquire goods just from the tap of a button.


CognitiveChem aims to shape a healthier tomorrow by developing a platform powered by AI & crowd sourcing to help the chemistry community discover greener chemicals, faster.
Immersed is a personalized language learning app that generates a tailored curriculum based on your everyday inputs into your phone. In addition, unlike other language learning software, our app facilitates subconscious learning of a language’s vocabulary by simply using your phone as you normally would.
Dialysave is a startup company based in Montreal, Canada.
Our mission is to provide widespread access to dialysis for patients suffering from End Stage Renal Disease, both locally and throughout the world.
blühen involves creating and commercialising an intuitive extract dispensing device that allows consumers to seamlessly incorporate cannabis into their daily routines.
Lumbrick is a social venture aiming to improve the affordability and accessibility of biofuel for refugees in poverty.  We empower women refugees to become self-supporting entrepreneurs by providing them the tools and know-how to recycle maize leaves and cardboard into briquettes, and sell them as cooking fuel to their community. In this way, we increase the food security and spendable income of refugee communities by supplying them with a low-cost direct substitute for firewood. The team is comprised of five co-founders: Ghalia Abdul-Baki, COO, MEng 2017, Civil Engineering, Amir Abushanab, CTO, BEng 2020, Mechanical Engineering with minors in software engineering and technological entrepreneurship, Line Jaber, CFO, BCom 2017, Marketing and Finance, Judith Li, CEO, BCom 2017, International Management, and Sarah Pellerin, CIO, BArts 2017, Political Science.
The S!MVO interface is uniquely targeted to university prospects and college students alike. Overall, the platform combines snapshot moments of our listed universities for prospective students to browse, relevant social media threads, and the opportunity to map out potential degrees using our planner. The aim of S!MVO thus benefits student higher education planning as well as university recruitment operations. The team is comprised of two co-founders: Thomas Karatzas, CTO, BEng 2018, Software Engineering and John Nnamchi, COO, BSci 2018, Biochemistry.
Venndor is the first mobile-oriented online classifieds application that seamlessly finds and matches buyers and sellers for an item at a mutually beneficial price while eliminating negotiation altogether. Venndor is    revolutionizing the online P2P sales market with a fun and powerful matching principle, matching buyers and sellers at win-win prices, saving the time and hassle of negotiating with people. The team is comprised of three co-founders: Tynan Davis, CTO, BEng 2018, Software Engineering, Julien Marlatt, CEO, BCom 2017, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability, and Operations, and Anthony Heinrich, CFO, BCom 2016, Entrepreneurship and Finance.
Appetite is a social food sharing platform for people to buy and sell the meals that they prepare in their own kitchens.
The team is comprised of three co-founders: Sean Kaiser and Kristina Pearkes, both Mechanical Engineering, and Paul Bridi, Civil Engineering/Minor Computer Science, all expecting to graduate in May 2017.