The Faculty of Engineering Business Mentoring Program connects students enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering who are working on technological ideas with business potential to Mentors with entrepreneurial background who are themselves McGill Engineering Alumni.

The Program provides students with a connection to the business world to gain insight into their entrepreneurial project, to develop their entrepreneurial skills and networking abilities and develop pertinent contacts.

The Mentors possess significant experience in their fields and have successfully applied their skills in achieving their entrepreneurial goals. Students wishing to become Mentees can greatly benefit from this one-on-one interaction with a Mentor, primarily since the Mentor-Mentee match will be one that best suits the interests and needs of the student/student team.
To discover more about the program, contact the mentoring program facilitator, katya.marc [at] (Katya Marc).

To Become a Mentor
EngInE invites interested McGill's Faculty of Engineering alumni to join the list of potential mentors available to participate in our programs.
Our programs include the Business Mentorship Program, the annual William and Rhea Seath Awards in Engineering Innovation competition, the TechAccel Grants program, Entrepreneurship-in-Action speaker series, the annual John D. Thompson Entrepreneurial Development Seminar, several other entrepreneurship workshops, and much more!

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To Become a Mentee and be Mentored
The road to becoming an entrepreneur is often challenging. EngInE is seeking to help develop entrepreneurs through mentoring to help them to become successful.
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Guidelines and Commitment
Similarly to other mentoring guidelines across McGill, the following guidelines are put in place to promote a positive mentoring relationship wherein it helps both parties, the mentor and the mentee, learn enjoyably and apply their learnings. Our overall goal is to facilitate the entrepreneurial activity that will advance an idea, technology or product toward commercialization/social impact: PDF icon Mentoring Guidelines and Commitment