Education & Advice

  • Engineering Student Guide to Startups and IP
  • How to Build a Startup-The Lean LaunchPad. This free online course comprises a series of videos and talks about the Lean Startup methodology.
    Other resources:
    Startup Lessons Learned, “Minimal Viable Product: A Guide” by Eric Ries
    The Lean Startup
  • Minor in Technological Entrepreneurship (18 credits, since 1999), including Faculty of Engineering courses:
    • FACC 500-Technology Business Plan Design (3 credits)
    • This course combines several management functional areas such as marketing, financial, operations and strategy with the skills of creativity, engineering innovation, leadership and communications. Students learn how to design an effective and winning business plan around a technology or engineering project in small, medium or large enterprises.

    • FACC 501- Technology Business Plan Project (3 credits)
    • Students work in teams to develop a comprehensive business plan project based on a technological or engineering innovation while utilizing site visits.

  • Entrepreneur Drop In Office Hours (Thursdays 3-4PM at McGill Engineering Student Centre) or katya.i.marc [at] (Subject: Entrepreneurship%20Advice) (by appointment):
    • Questions regarding the McGill and Montreal entrepreneurial ecosystem?
    • What to do with an idea that may have business potential?
    • How to develop a technology?
    • Need help developing your business model?
    • Need help identifying resources for your start-up?
    • Are you looking for start-up team mates?
    • Are you looking to join a start-up team?
    • Want to work in a start-up?
  • IP lectures/workshops
  • Commercial potential of research
  • Business model creation
  • Potential technology receptors and end-users
  • Annual John D. Thompson Entrepreneurial Development Seminar
  • Entrepreneurship-in-Action speaker series