Cansbridge Fellowship Conference in San Francisco

May 4-6, 2018

The McGill EngInE is pleased to announce the sponsorship of six undergraduate student spots to participate in this year’s Cansbridge Fellowship Conference.  The annual conference organized by The Cansbridge Fellowship brings Fellows and guests from around the world together for:

-Immersive workshops with industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and inventors
-Unparalleled access to Bay area companies through office tours and networking events
-A world of connections and possibilities that you can only find there!

What is The Cansbridge Fellowship? Cansbridge is the launchpad for tomorrow’s global leaders, innovators & entrepreneurs. In order to create impact on a global scale, we believe you first need to develop the right skills and an open, global mindset. The best way to do this is to get comfortable with discomfort- by exposing yourself to new ideas, beliefs and methods in international settings.

Each May, The Cansbridge Fellowship reconnects at The Cansbridge Fellowship Conference (CFC), during a weekend in San Francisco. This year, six McGill engineering students will be selected to join the Fellowship.

First and second year undergraduate students enrolled at McGill’s Faculty of Engineering are eligible to apply to participate.